Splash Math Apps, Grades K – 5, by StudyPad

images-2-1 admin-aja175Splash Math Apps, Grades K - 5, by StudyPad, have been getting lots of attention in the app world recently, and for good reason. They have come up with a winning formula which is far from skill & drill, they have all of their questions aligned to the common core and they appear in a completely engaging display of question type. In each session, the app provides a set of 10 random math problems, which comprises a mix of multiple choice, Yes/No, or simple fill-in-the-blank questions. As teachers, we really like the questions asking what equation does this problem represent. This is a very welcome, and much needed, exercise to acquaint children with a better number sense. Another feature that many apps lack is an easy to access work area, Splash Math provides a work area, which can be found on all the different grade levels by pulling up on a tab located at the bottom of the screen. This work area allows kids to solve problems when they go beyond their mental math capabilities. All the apps in the Splash Math series give an option to activate the weekly email reports. With this feature, you can receive progress reports via email once a week on how your kids are interacting with the app. This is completely optional feature can be turned off if feel you don't need to keep tabs on your child or they have mastered the materials.
  • Improve early math skills
  • Eliminate expensive paper workbooks
  • Great games to keep your kid engaged
  • Promote independent learning
  • Weekly reports to track trouble spots
imgres-3Splash Math Kindergarten: Fun Educational Worksheets for Counting Numbers, Addition and Subtraction has eight chapters, with many sub-chapters within, ordered to represent the recommended learning curve. For example, you would need to recognize numbers from 0 to 20 before you move on to learning how to count. Add one, what comes next, concepts are all geared to the preschool to Kindergarten level student. In addition to early counting skills, addition, subtraction, geometry, and measurement are all covered. The zoo environment is perfect for this age group. grade11st Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for 13 chapters offers comprehensive content and cool interactive problems to keep your child/student hooked. There are 15 chapters starting with base ten, equivalent number sentences, fact families, mixed operations, and continues on to work with doubles, graphing, word problems and introductory time telling. The chapters finish up with exposure to geometric shapes, measurement, tally marks and coin recognition and counting. The final two chapters are a great review for addition and subtraction facts. grade2Splash Math - 2nd grade worksheets of Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Time & 9 other chapters covers all material from k & 1 and builds on place value, number sense, addition, and subtraction of double and three digit numbers, up to 100. The use of line plots, picture and bar graphs, as well as expanding on the geometry, measurement, and money concepts. When we field-tested this app with incoming second graders we found the start point just right, not too easy or too challenging. We were able to walk away and the kids stayed engaged, continuing at their own speeds. One real bonus, this app comes with a virtual aquarium where the kid can earn fish and other sea related creatures, as well as playing mini-games. These games never took away from the learning experience, they added an element of fun  - being on a mission to fill your own tank with the sea life of their choice. grade33rd Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for 16 chapters - Kids collect super-splashes (and accolades) from the super crab as he breezes through 16 chapters of 3rd Grade curriculum. These 16 chapters continue to build upon the previous grade's math concepts. The expanded form for numbers is now required and 809, would be 800 + 9 ones. In this app, place value focuses on numbers up to ten thousand and metric measurement is introduced. Data and probability are introduced, as well as decimals. The under the sea theme continues and keeps kids coming back for more. grade44th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for Kids -  With virtually infinite problems spanning across 10 chapters, this app covers the entire 4th-grade curriculum. Students are now required to work with numbers up to a million. Fractions are explored in depth and the themed activities can be accessed straight away by tapping on the launch button or through the select mission button. Then, select the math discipline you want to work on and you are off. grade55th Grade Math: Splash Math Common Core Worksheets for kids has 9 chapters covering an endless supply of problems. It is a very comprehensive math app, incorporating all pertinent content in its 9 chapters. The number span has reached a billion with easy, medium, and hard levels to differentiate instruction. Algebra expressions are further explored upon, as well as decimals. The outer space theme suits this age range perfectly.   Splash Math's offers a page on their website -  How to Use Splash Math - giving their two cents on how to use Splash Math. Parents can use this as a jumping off point. Select the chapter that is being taught in school in the play settings and let your child play. More than one chapter can be selected at a time, it's easy to mix and match. These apps make learning painless by breaking down the areas of study into easy to view chapters.  One small suggestion to the developer, don't refer to these apps as workbooks - that term can have a negative connotation in some circles.

StudyPad's Vision Statement:

StudyPad’s vision is to make learning fun for the kids while leveraging technology to build an ecosystem where teachers, students, and parents seamlessly interact.

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