Squeebles Spelling Test

NEWteacherwithappsSqueebles Spelling Test, by KeyStageFun - After evaluating many spelling apps, I was so pleasantly surprised while testing out Squeebles Spelling - it's a winner! The opening illustration is cute without being considered babyish. Parents can check into the Parent Zone and have options that meet each child's needs including how long to let him see the word before they type it. The options of UK and US English are available, as well as upper and lower case letters. Test titles can be named, edited, and each child can be assigned certain tests. The test will even allow for customization of whether a word needs to be capitalized. Now for the exciting part. You can record the words you want your child to spell! Record or re-record the word as many times as you need. When you go back, the menu shows you which words you have or have not recorded.  Even better is the option to record a personal message the child can playback after finishing a test.  In the days of busy parenting, I found this a very positive and personal way to connect with your child. This app can be used sitting with a parent or in a school setting as a possible center-based activity.  The student can run his own spelling test or practice.  The tests are set up as a game, which is wonderful, as many eyes roll when they hear it is time to practice spelling.  The spelling snake has captured the Squeebles and by spelling the words right, the child will help rescue them. There are three types of tests: one that has been set up for them, a combination of different tests, or the tricky tests, made up of words that they have missed. If the child forgets the word, he can push the button to hear it again, using visual as well as auditory learning. A screen comes up to keep track of the statistics of the tests. When enough questions are answered correctly, the child is rewarded with a Squeeble. Each correct answer earns a star and they can be traded for Squeeberbangs to play the game. The game is fun as the child has to see how far he can "throw'" the Squeeble.  More spelling tests earn better Squeebles and better Squeeblebangs. Throw in the laws of physics and they will be learning more than spelling.  No more boring spelling tests! This app is well worth the price of 1.99.  I can see this being integrated into many classrooms, as this will work well for a variety of ages.   Next time you tell your child it is time for spelling, tell him it's time for Squeebles!  
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