Squeebles Times Tables 2

NEWteacherwithappsdoRhOthnw9VcegsGQYd6YOp3KM95tYhPRzKeTAA-1pZBJLlIVYw9DG7lhdihkFfzzYxV=w300Squeebles Times Tables 2, by Keystagefun - Finally a just right app to help kids master math facts with serious motivation and tons of fun!  The evil Math Monster has locked up all the adorable Squeebles. You free them by answering different times tables questions correctly, across 4 different game modes, unlocking medals, trophies and background themes along the way. As teachers, we loved the sheer friendliness and innocence of this math game. The best part? Kids can practice the tricky tables which happen to be the ones they've gotten wrong! Ingenious, to say the least. There are options to Mix it Up, which has the problems displayed with one of the factors missing, ex. 4 x __ = 48, great for a challenge. Our only suggestion (the developer asked for feedback) is to expand the number of players, the max is 4. Teachers With Apps feels that this game would make a great staple in classrooms everywhere. Think Club Penguin meets the Teletubbies... Ian Knapp, the developer is right-on when he says, This times tables app involves a fun storyline, a cast of colorful, little friendly characters, a bad guy (the Math Monster), lots of rewards and an attitude of friendliness and encouragement to everyone, whatever their ability. The best news, this Keystagefun has a several of apps starring these same characters, with more to come!  
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