Starting Shakespeare – Clever all in one app makes Shakespeare come alive!

admin-aja175mzl.yhwjtisj.175x175-75Starting Shakespeare, by Deeper Richer, is a brilliant new addition to the app store; this 21st-century rendition would make William proud. This app does what most teachers fail to do, make Shakespeare easily accessible to younger students and clarify the storylines without ever giving up any of Shakespeare's original integrity. Starting Shakespeare explores both the world and work of William Shakespeare using two of his best-loved and most popular plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth. I admire this Australian based development team for producing this state of the art teaching tool and hope to spread the word far and wide. Get this one out to the kids! Starting Shakespeare has some of the BEST quality videos we've ever seen in an app, which makes it easily adaptable to the projection screen, giving it another plus in the classroom setting. The kids who worked with this app gave it a thumbs up. I hope no one is too prudish for the clincher in an early scene of a Midsummer Night's Dream, when Puck turns Bottle into a donkey and he replies, "This is to make an ass of me". The acting is also first-rate and incorporates both modern and old world touches with varied dancing, scenery, and costumes. The professional narrators and actors are first-rate, young and kid-friendly. photo-2photo-4         Best part, this app is not only chuck full of teacher resources, it has a directory and a complete teacher manual via an ebook to download. Each scene has included a Learning Journey with terrific twists to take the learning further. This component really draws students into the plays and makes their experience all the more meaningful. Shakespeare has never been so manageable! It's all in one clever app with all the necessary and numerous over the top innovative add-ons that Deeper Richer has provided. -1 Founded in 2012 by education technologist Daniel Donahoo and production company Suitcase Murphy, DEEPER RICHER is an education technology start-up,  passionate about creating great content and meaningful interactive experiences specifically for digital learning environments. “Starting Shakespeare takes the fear out of Shakespeare. This app brings the language and plays to life in a colorful and accessible way. Students will love experimenting with their own spells and be getting to know some of the greatest stories and characters ever created, in a fun and interactive way.” - GEMMA PORTER, BILLANOOK COLLEGE --- The rich content includes:  — Playful videos — Engaging retellings — Character profiles — Historical information — Active learning journeys — Comprehensive free teacher handbook  
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