State Bingo and Geography Crossword

  iTunesArtwork@2xState Bingo and Geography Crossword, by Niyaa Apps, has just been released for the iPhone to compliment the very popular State Bingo and Road Trip US. Now kids can play anytime, anywhere, with the convenience and accessibility of the iPhone. Students who tried this app were educationally immersed in learning fun, all while gaining new knowledge about the United States. It’s hard not to love solving a crossword puzzle; the letter clues are extremely helpful. The ability to skip and return to a question if stumped sets kids up for success! The three levels within the crossword are appropriately spaced and the difficulty of levels are just right: Easy - Game allows for endless play. Unlimited flat tires. Medium - Riddles are harder. Game ends after 2 flat tires. Hard - Riddles are harder. Game ends after 1 flat tire Who knew the crossword puzzle was turning 100 years old? Now you do! The original was called a "word-cross", was organized by numbers instead of down and across and it was in a diamond pattern. The original concept has remained relatively unchanged. Niyaa Apps has continued the tradition and their newest app enables kids to play this classic game via the iPhone while learning valuable lessons about our land! 1. Geography Crossword adds the element of a puzzle, so kids are problem-solving, analyzing, and thinking critically as they play the game. 2. Geography Crossword Game Concept:"State answers are like luggage loaded onto Pep's wagon and the goal is to unload the luggage by answering questions as fast as you can without getting flat tires. 3. One thing unique to this app is there are quite a few map navigational riddles, which gives kids the chance to read and navigate maps, an essential skill for any geography enthusiast. Have a blast by unloading Pep's (the car) cargo, by answering more questions. Solve the puzzle, before all your tires go flat! photo photo-1Hop in with Pep the car, and celebrate 100 years of crossword puzzles. Play our most popular geography game State Bingo, available for the first time as a pocket edition.  Win a round of classic State Bingo and look for clues on a beautifully illustrated US map. Play the brand new Geography Crosswords game. Discover the 50 states as Pep cheers you along. Win the game and gain the power to send status to statehood.  What you will learn: -State capitals -State shapes -US regions -Map navigation -State neighbors -State facts -State landmarks -Landforms – rivers, mountains, lakes, and oceans -Topography -Natural resources -Nicknames - National parks -Neighboring countries -Statehoods  
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