Super Duper Idioms Pro

  mzl.tfexzcsd.175x175-75What could be better than an idiom app with entertainingphoto 1 copy visuals and several game options?  One that allows you to track data, that's what!  Feast your eyes on Super Duper Idioms Pro by Super Duper Publications.  This app certainly makes practicing a rather challenging language task a breeze and several options for play allows you to customize games to best meet your client's needs. photo 2 copyphoto 3 copy Before playing, you need to make some adjustments in both the “settings” and “start” links.  First, the “settings” link gives you an opportunity to customize auto advancing, reading text aloud, feedback for correct and/or incorrect responses, and sound controls.  I preferred setting the app to read the idiom and each answer choice before allowing the user to make a selection.  This way, I could ensure that my client was listening to each choice and not just guessing.  Next, the “start” menu brings you to a screen to select players, cards, and games.  You can choose a picture icon to create players so that you can store data for clients. During gameplay, you will need to tap the player icon in order to store responses accurately. The cards option displays decks labeled "A" through "J", each of which has 50 idioms.  To view the list of idioms, you must hold down the lettered deck.   If you want to remove some idioms that you would rather not have seen during play, then you can deselect it.  The last control in this link is for games.  This is where you can select the number of answer choices you want displaying during multiple-choice or you can toggle to open-ended play.  In all, you can play in the following formats: multiple choice, open-ended, fill-in-the-blank, or search and circle. photo 4 photo 5 The first two game options are structured in multiple choice formats, one of which has a fun decoder that you drag to highlight your answer choice.  If you select the correct response, then the recorder indicates a check mark next to the definition.  In multiple choice games, users are shown a literal image for a target idiom along with two through four possible answers.  I especially liked that you can change the settings to show a range of answer choices.  Once users make progress at these multiple choice levels in Idiom Pro, then you can move on to open-ended play.  In this mode, you can continue to collect data by tapping "wrong" or "right" at the top of the screen.  Yet another game option is fill-in-the-blank where you drag the appropriate idiom choice into a sentence.  This is such a great idea for teaching clients how to use context clues to interpret idioms.  Finally, there is search and circle game that directs you to first circle the idiom phrase in a sentence and then select the appropriate description for that idiom given two through four choices. photo 1photo 2 Overall, I thought this was a great app for working on idioms with several entertaining game options and customizations to appropriately challenge clients.  One thing that I would like to see in future updates is an improved way to store idioms in card decks.  Categorizing idioms into groups such as, "food", "animals", or holidays would assist in teaching these concepts as opposed to having 50 unrelated idioms in each deck. This is what the developers have to say about Idioms Pro by Super Duper Publications: •500 colorfully illustrated idioms •Four entertaining learning activities •Option to change the difficulty level of each activity by choosing to have 2, 3, or 4 answer choices •Includes audio of all questions and answers for non-readers •Has text of each question and answer for early readers •Select any or all packs of idioms for gameplay •Allows an unlimited number of students to play •Option to manually or automatically advance to the next card and/or player •Option to have answers read back to player photo 3   About the Author NanetteCote_HeadshotNanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP has her own speech-language practice, Therapediatrics. She is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in Naperville, Illinois who was has been practicing Speech Pathology for close to two decades. Her blog, speech2me, was named one of the top Speech-Language blogs for 2012. For more information about this practitioner, please visit speech2me Blog or Facebook  
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