Super Speller: Create Your Own Spelling Tests

  Super Speller: Create Your Own Spelling Tests, by Quiet Spark, should be called Brilliant Speller or Best Speller Yet... or maybe Learn Your Spelling Words in a SNAP! Over the course of the last few years we have seen many apps that are wonderful, but none so simply wonderful as this. In the classroom lucky enough to have iPads, students can create their own custom word list, instantly get definitions, record their words, and learn them at their own pace. Wow! From the easy to navigate home screen, students can ‘Create Tests’, ‘Manage Tests’, ‘Study Tests’ or ‘Take Tests’. For those children blessed with iPads at home, this will revolutionize the family routine of learning weekly spelling words.  The old fashioned assignment of writing your spelling words five times each is completely ineffective for long term mastery and studying for the Friday's spelling test is most often for naught, as most children never master the words with that approach.  Word analysis or word study is found to be a much more effective way in which to teach spelling. This app may look traditional but it is not, it has embedded tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual components that are a huge aid in spelling mastery. Plus, parents/teachers can track progress and see which areas their students/child needs improvement because all the test results are saved. We love this feature! The Smiley Faces and hints are helpful for the beginning process and ease the students into a comfort zone while studying or "playing" with their words.
A new whiteboard theme was added after users requested this update. Also, some users had requested the addition of a font that more closely matched handwriting as it is taught to students. The developers listened to the feedback and went one better and created a whole new theme called whiteboard which uses a clearer font, similar to the Zaner-Bloser handwriting style.
Also added, was a built in dictionary. Now while studying your words you’ll be able to access the dictionary included with iOS 5 which provides a pronunciation key, usage examples, and information on word origins. Excellent for general study and those preparing for a spelling bee and reinforcing any new vocabulary words.
Super Speller has a whimsical design with large buttons that are easy for little fingers to hit. The app also features a unique smiley hint functionality. When smiley hints are enabled, a smiley face appears on the test screen. The smiley face will periodically glance down at their answer and offer facial cues based on whether or not the word is being spelled correctly. The kid-friendly design also helps students to feel comfortable and in charge of their own learning!
Word search puzzles have been added as well as an unscramble activity. Word search puzzles offer another option to study spelling words without having it feel like study. Every word search puzzle is generated randomly from your spelling words insuring nearly endless combinations of puzzles. The unscramble feature is a challenging and fun way to practice and help get kids to a mastery level.  Super Speller includes extras, such as the balloon drop for a perfect score, to entertain, and provide incentive rewards are provide an extra boost of motivation to go the extra mile and make sure each answer is correct. You do need a perfect score to enjoy this feature. As teachers, we would like to see those getting just one or two wrong, to reap some of the balloon benefits as well... In the case of the balloons, they are fully interactive. They tumble across the screen as it is tilted. They can be tossed about by dragging them with your finger, and they can be popped. And when all of the balloons have been popped, you can always retake a test and get more!  
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  1. jack

    there is a similar iPhone/iPad app that will help with taking spelling tests that is available for free in the app store.