Ten Math Apps to Stop Summer Slide

ChildMath-e1339788588914-300x300Basic math skills can also suffer from summer slide. Summer vacation can really take it's toll on the many students, in so far as loss of skills. However, it doesn’t take much to keep kids on top of their game. The following apps (listed in alphabetical order) make it extremely easy and oh-so convenient to keep kids practicing their math skills all summer long! Teachers With Apps has reviewed all of these math apps and have selected them to represent a diverse spectrum of skills. We have picked ones that are tons of fun but also some tried and true classroom apps that chart progress.
  1. DragonBox Algebra 5+ by WeWantToKnow - As we move further into the 21st century, students expect their learning to include digital devices. In addition, it is becoming increasingly common that the content being taught is presented in a way that includes online gaming, simulations, and/or augmented reality. What better way to teach abstract content, such as algebra, than to teach it with games? Teaching with games motivates and engages students. The old approach might not really help kids understand the concept entirely and mastery can be an uphill battle. In addition, the equations and formulas being taught are abstract; they are not something concrete that the students can relate to. It is the teacher’s job to teach the material in a way the students can relate to make it meaningful to them; Dragon Box does just that for you! Full review
  2. We’ve been using Math Drills, by Instant Interactive, with our students for years and really like this app. It reminds us of the no-nonsense computer games that were used back in the day. As a teacher, you want content. Math Drills lives up to its name and delivers just what it says, drills. Memorization is the only way to learn and retain the basic math facts and repetition is necessary. The processing and amount of practice time needed, is different for every child. This app has just the right formula for delivering content and fun simultaneously! The game begins with a very cool traffic light on Math Avenue, changing from red to yellow to green. Hit “Practice”and GO, you are being timed! This is just enough inspiration for even the reluctant children to race the clock to try to beat their own score. “Speed - A measurement that makes drill-taking fun.”  Don’t want to be timed? Not a problem, this app has options. Full Review
  3. Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game, by InterAction Education and Zephyr Games - This app introduces a revolutionary “video-like” gaming app for practicing math facts. One of our students called it, “The Call of Duty,” of math games. Adam Coccari, teacher and creator of Math Evolve, sums it up best when he says, “Achieving success in all levels of math starts with having a solid foundation in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.” Mastering these facts takes time and lots of practice, Math Evolve has taken care of all of that in an enormously engaging format. Full review
  4. Math Tools, by PV Apps Ltd, is an amazing set of math manipulatives, all together in one concise, take along, fit in your pocket, use anywhere and anytime tool set! This app is drop dead gorgeous, which makes it all the more fun to work with. Each tool has a quick drop down box that succinctly explains: how do I use this? The students we worked with didn’t question a thing. They loved the variety of different tools and made up all kinds of game play of their own. Don’t forget the dice, our personal favorite. Full review
  5. MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined - Practice Multiplication, by Dactyl Applications, is a remarkable app that keeps kids engaged and striving to do better. Best part, it can actually adjust the questions as you go, the ones you get wrong will be the ones you will be asked again. This app scales the difficulty of the questions based on your ability to answer questions and it adapts and tracks progress. Let's face it, some skills just have to be learned, and multiplication is one of them. Some children struggle more than others and when you find something that really works, that the kids like, ask to play, and want to know how they can get it on their devices at home, you are sure to have a winner! Sharing great finds is what we at TWA like to do, especially when growth is monitored and documented! MultiFlow gives the user the choice of three practice games.  Full review
  6. Native Numbers - Complete Number Sense Mastery Curriculum, by Native Brain - This game is on the money when it comes to providing a deeper understanding of number concepts and imperative math vocabulary, which is needed to build a strong foundation for all mathematics to follow. As Native Brain mentions on their website, kids are capable of so much more if we give them the chance. We need to embrace this philosophy and raise the bar. Starting early is by far the best way to achieve this, research has shown over and over that children that have a solid and deep exposure to basic number concepts have the ability to learn and understand math skills later. Now kids can learn, understand, and master numbers natively. Full review
  7. Numbytes – Math Game, by Yhanco Grey Esteban, otherwise known as Y-Tech, has got your number; every kid on the block can’t put it down! This is not a new app, but it had a major facelift with its latest update. Teachers With Apps included it in a post touting; it’s time we took full advantage of the power of educational multi-player apps for kids! We need to be teaching cooperative learning and encouraging collaborative game play. Most kids thrive in this environment and with so much solo play going on; kids need to be interacting regularly. Students LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game and we hope there is more to come, especially for the higher grades. This math game is composed of three game plays named TRAIN, TEST, and TUG OF WAR.  Numbytes focuses on these two aspects: Speed & Accuracy. Full review
  8. Numerosity: Play with Addition! and Numerosity: Play with Subtraction! - by ThoughtBox, are based on a cutting edge approach to learning math and TWA found while field-testing, the kids kept wanting to come back for more and more play time. We love their statement, "Let's show our children that Math and Science can be loved." Numerosity may not have coined the term Gameful Learning, but they refer to it often and explain it as a way to engage and empower learners by placing them in the driver seat. TWA couldn't agree more! The games are a brilliant way for students to learn and Numerosity has done a smashing job of coming up with an app that has the ability to put the child back in the drivers seat. When first playing this app, expect some confusion. There is no equal sign in the equations and the numbers may move around accidentally, which gives the player a whole new equation to solve. We saw trepidation from the children when this first happened. Yet, we all know how fearless kids are to touch, so it didn't take long for them to realize that this was all part of the game. Numerosity wants children to play around with the numbers and try to figure out the problems on their own. It is designed to encourage children to take risks. Full review
  9. Operation Math: Code Squad, by Spinlight Studio, is a brilliant multiplayer game that keeps kids current on all four math operations by jointly beating the clock. Code Squad is not for the faint of heart, and it takes teamwork and quick wit to reach all five levels of play. The premise behind Code Squad is to reach each level of difficulty through collaboration and cooperation. Our experience in the classroom proved this app to be a winner in getting kids engaged and working together. The app provides practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or any combination of operations. We did encounter a few times where the game was too fast paced for some students; we let the developers know that a timing option in the settings would give this app a wider audience appeal. Spinlight acknowledges this app is not for those just learning their math facts and recommends the original Operation Math as better choice for students who are beginners, especially the training mode. TWA feels that Code Squad would be an awesome addition to family time, giving siblings, friends, and caregivers an opportunity to play this action packed learning game together! Full review
  10.  SlateMath for Kids - Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games, by Slate Science, is a modular portfolio of educational apps that develop mathematical skills and intuition through playful interaction. This app covers the Common Core math standards for kindergarten and first grade levels and walks children through a journey of math explorations that involve bite-sized activities of increasing complexity. Children are continuously rewarded and offered help when necessary. SlateMath builds a solid understanding of the math skills required for the children's age group. Great for use in both classroom and home settings.  Full review
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  1. […] Basic math skills can also suffer from summer slide. Summer vacation can really take it's toll on the many students, in so far as loss of skills.  […]

  2. […] Basic math skills can also suffer from summer slide. Summer vacation can really take it's toll on the many students, in so far as loss of skills.  […]

  3. […] Basic math skills can also suffer from summer slide. Summer vacation can really take it's toll on the many students, in so far as loss of skills.  […]

  4. […] Basic math skills can also suffer from summer slide. Summer vacation can really take it's toll on the many students, in so far as loss of skills. (10 math #apps to stop summer slide.  […]

  5. just a quick comment. Ths for review btw. We released a new version of DragonBox called DragonBox 12+, which is even better and much more comprehensive : )