The Going to Bed Book – Sandra Boynton

933225_largerNEWteacherwithappsWe LOVE everything about The Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton and Loud Crow digital books! With it's calming, gentle rhythm, it is the perfect ebook for tucking little ones in. The delivery is poetic and the illustrations are adorable, (what else would you expect from a Sandra Boynton book) featuring her beloved characters. The interactivity is sweet and appropriate. To compliment the text - subtle bubbles float from the tub, the moon rises and can be spun around, the hot water steams up the screen and when you pull the "down arrow" to turn the lights off, the characters begin to snore. The narration is smooth and serene, just what one might need to get that tireless toddler to settle down and fall asleep. If the British narrator doesn't do it, the accompanying music will. Sandra Boynton comments,  "I am so smitten by Billy J. Kramer’s infinitely reassuring narration." We were as well and are sure you will be too! Find this wonderful adaptation of the original book published in 1982 in the App Store tonight! We highly recommend this book as it is a wonderful bedtime read.  Just hope your kids don't get the idea to exercise once they've spun the moon around. You may want to keep the fact that they can write and erase the steam a secret for a while too.....  
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