The Monsters Family – Pre School App

  The Monsters Family – Pre-School App, by iMagine machine™  Here come the Monsters – the zaniest family since The Flintstones or maybe the Addams Family! Every member of the family has its own unique character and each one has a series of educational and stimulating games that will keep preschoolers busy counting, matching, learning colors, words and be using observation skills to play spot the difference and matching shapes. TWA spoke with Eyal Dessou Tzafrir, Co – Founder of the iMagine machine, about the new release and the focus on the “slow movement.” The conversation was all about how this app offers kids time to unwind, have fun and most importantly, use their imagination and be creative as their main focus. Eyal also encourages parent involvement and says their apps are not geared for small children to be using independently. The following is statement is from Andrea Dinnick explaining more about the slow movement: Focus, mindfulness, and concentration are the skills that all of us require. Engaging our brains fully and following through on a task over a sustained period is one of the best things we can do not only to 'train our brains' but to derive satisfaction from the things that we are doing. When we speak to our children we should be fully concentrating on them and we should expect their undivided attention back when they are talking to us. We should do fewer things well and not more things less well. We all know this - however when it comes to technology we are often doing many many things at once (iPad and watching TV, driving and talking on the phone, writing emails and listening to the radio) and many of the apps that are created for children have this frenetic, divided quality to them. Many apps are designed to make children feel that if they don't swipe and tap everything that they have somehow missed out on some type of reward or missed out on part of the story or game. Sometimes creating an app out of a classic story and adding a lot of 'bells and whistles' doesn't enhance a story, it makes a great story distracting. As someone once said to me, 'just because you have a hammer doesn't mean you have to go around and smash things'. We believe strongly that we can make apps where the pace and structure of the app encourage concentration and focus. To this end, we have created apps such as Faces iMake where the child is in complete control and directs the activity without any interruption. With the Monsters family, each game is an independent activity with no distractions. After a task is accomplished there are rewards and fun, cute voices and characters - but they speak slowly and direct the child in a calm way.
1. COLORS: Meet Scrumpy, the Monsters lovable family dog. Feed him his favorite colors. Teaches colors and color names. 2. MATCHING: It’s time to tidy up! Find different objects hidden behind the cards. Match them up and help the Monsters clean their room! Teachers concentration and uses observation skills and memory. 3. COUNTING. Count the different objects that each monster likes. Teaches numbers and counting. 4. WORDS: Help the Monsters with everyday words by naming the objects around the room. Teaches words and word recognition for everyday objects. 5. 5. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Help the Monsters find the object that looks different. Helps with concentration and observation. 6. SILHOUETTES: Help the Monsters match the correct shape with the silhouette. This fun game connects right and left-brain thinking by encouraging visual ability and spatial understanding.

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