The Right Word by Dactyl Studios

  mzl.stpcvhdq.175x175-75The Right Word, by Dactyl Studios, is a wonderful app for the middle school and high school students; it provides intensive work with some of the most commonly confused words. Technically, these words are a mix of homonyms, homographs, and words that are often just plain mixed up. Please note, this is an app that could both come in handy for older kids and be a nice challenge for the younger set. All students (and many adults) struggle with the there, their, and they're - these words fall into the category of homophones, they have the same pronunciation but different spelling.  Each one of these has a different purpose when writing. And writing is where this skill is needed because if a child said, Hey, you're going over there and I want to go come too,".  You would never notice if they were using the proper form of theses multiple meaning words since spelling is only reflected in writing. Technically speaking, again, a homonym is defined as two words spelled the same, pronounced the same, but have different meanings. Tire - as in wheel and the other tire- as in worn out from work. For all intensive purposes, I would refer to these as confusing sets of words. Example:  lose and loose - this word pair has a different pronunciation and different spelling, yet are commonly mistaken in context. In short, this app accomplishes just what it set out to do and is executed in a clear, concise, and clean manner. photoThis app suggested it would be perfect for SAT, GMAT, or LSAT; a great idea since the words are definitely tricky and the games are VERY fast paced. The Right Word is a wonderful prep tool for getting ready for the quick responses needed to do well on these tests. There is no downtime with the fill in the blank questions targeting proper grammar usage in the game called Picker. The word Spotter game asks you to find the sentence with the incorrect usage and involves more reading than the Picker game. The most challenging game is called Slider. It gives a paragraph with a word bank of 14 possible answers. Last up is the Definer, this section gives you a definition and you have a word box to pick the correct answer from. You might want to start with the Definer game, as it gives one a chance to warm up and get used to the format. This app would also help many an adult who is easily confused with word usage. *Bonus - a complete reference section, that's easy to navigate, including in alphabetical order giving all the words from the game and a sentence sample for each word. STUDENTS - Whether you are a student in primary school, secondary school, college, or you are learning English as a Second Language, The Right Word is a valuable tool to boost your fluency. The Right Word will give you a leg up in using the right word in different contexts. TEACHERS - The Right Word is a comprehensive usage tool for English learners that belongs in every classroom. Help your students correct those perennial usage errors by putting this app in your classroom. Also included is a complete reference section with definitions of and example sentences for every word in the app. Our teacher/student feedback includes a request for a submit button on the Picker game page to allow for a second reading and a visual check of the chosen words. The fast pace is great, but having an optional submit button to turn on or off would be beneficial. Also, a retry option could give the same words to try again. As teachers, we’d like to see a quiz for each level or some other form of accountability.
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  1. […] The Right Word, by Dactyl Studios, is a wonderful app for the middle school and high school students; it provides intensive work with some of the most commonly confused words.  […]