The Swamp Where Gator Hides

TWA_DEVELOPER_Badge SWAMPAPP-Cvr-SmThe Swamp Where Gator Hides is another beautifully illustrated release from Dawn Publications. Authored by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Roberta Baird, this app shines as a wonderful collaboration, both educationally and it is beautiful to look at. In our opinion, an instant children’s classic. The readers learn about the swamp of the Florida Everglades and the many creatures living there. There is great interactivity once you find each animal’s hiding spot. Children will enjoy finding the alligator eyeing his prey on each page. The rich illustrations and overall green-blue color scheme set the mood for stillness and danger. The building of the story using cumulative verse spins layers of rhyming text reinforcing the sequence in which we wade through this rich landscape and encounter each creature in the story.

“This is the snake who slithers around

Past the turtle taking a snooze

Ignoring the duck who paddles in ooze

under the alga that carpets the swamp

Where gators hide”

At the end of the story, for a change of pace, there is a fun game of escaping the alligator before being caught in his jaws! But, you have to be fast! To round it all out, there are detailed notes at the end of the story about each animal. We also love the fact that the reader can decide whether the alligator’s prey escapes or ends up being lunch! Geared towards children aged 6 – 8.


  • Choose between Read to Me and Read to Myself.
  • Touch the animals and watch them do distinctive true-to-life actions.
  • When gator lunges for his target animal, choose whether he will be successful in getting his lunch or the animal will be successful in escaping.
  • Save the animals! Play the speed game to help the animals escape gator’s lunging jaws.
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