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imagesThere is something to be said about apps and engagement. Some apps just have the attraction where kids get involved and stay involved, completely captivated. This is the case with the Thematica apps, they attract the child’s eye and keep them glued to the screen, enjoying the constant cause and effect experience. In this review, we are highlighting two of their apps, Firetruck 911 Rescue and Trail the tail. Both apps have nailed the content, of cours, kids love vehicles and animals. Piggybacking on their smash hit Cars in sandbox: Construction, this interactive car game for young children was all the rage not long ago. This app turns your iPad into a construction scene, with eight vehicles that start up with a touch, and move forward or backwards with a swipe. Cars in sandbox: Construction was awarded the prestigious Children’s Technology Review Award. Little boys just go crazy playing around with these 8 beautifully illustrated construction vehicles. The physics, animations, and sounds are extremely thought out.   mzl.puvlnmru.175x175-75Just in time for Fire Prevention Week (October 6-12), FireTrucks: 911 rescue is another stimulating vehicle app that draws kids into numerous and exciting rescue missions. Children will use their creativity and problem-solving skills to complete a variety of tasks using all different kinds of fire trucks and missions. Each fire truck has a specific task to complete. Whether they are putting out fires, clearing a house of smoke or rescuing victims, it is all very detailed and hands-on. Opportunities to manipulate various parts of the vehicles for simple interactions like turning on/off the engine, rolling up the hose, raising ladders, and lights keep children busy with exploratory gameplay. FireTrucks: 911 Rescue has appropriate content and plenty of engagement, as children complete tasks, they will earn stars.


-Stimulates kidphoto 3’s creativity and problem-solving skills. -Makes the educational process about fire trucks unusual and interesting. -Has colorful graphics and exciting sounds. -An unusual and interesting way to learn about different vehicles. -Fun to play again and again. -Exciting and realistic vehicle sound effects.   10639645_756983644395499_1196415338862753520_nTrail the tail (educational and fun safari app for kids) is adorable. The graphics are colorful and inviting; the audio is fun and bouncy. Your child can play twelve different games, which bring them across the African Savanna with wonderful plant life and delightful wild animals. This app engages kids with the focus on exploratory play.  A camera is included in game-play and you can take quick pictures of the darting fauna in the lush flora. Watch out! You need to be very observant and quick on your toes to take their pictures.  Again, this app has real kid-appeal and you can expect to see children excited and engaged as well as learning. Rewards are earned along the way. Features: -12 mini games to play -interesting animations -learning through playing -teaching kids to love animals -showing amazing savanna’s world photo 1
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  1. […] There is something to be said about apps and engagement. Some apps just have the attraction where kids get involved and stay involved, completely captivated.  […]