Three Wonderful Apps from Sago Sago

In the fall of 2013, I was at Word on the Street, when I stumbled upon the Sagoadmin-aja175 Sago Booth. Sago Sago runs Play Dates, you can read more about it HERE. I asked if Sago Sago could create a Play Date just for the students in my class. While we were at the Sago Sago Studios, I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team from Sago Sago - even the CEO of Toca Boca was there. We had a chance to play with all of Sago Sago's apps, and find out what motivates them to continue to develop their unique apps, The apps have no language requirements, so anyone can play and interact with them. Sago Sago apps are designed to encourage exploration with just the use of your finger and where ever your imagination will take you. We own a number of Sago Sago apps; below are some of our favorites are: icon_big_forestflyerSago Mini Forest Flyer is a very popular app in my classroom. The latest update allows you to choose to play with Robin in the summer or in the winter. You are exploring the forest with Robin as your guide. The first thing you need to do is wake Robin up by knocking on her door. Robin might go ice skating on a pond, daydream in a tree, eat fire berries, or make some new friends in a nest. Belly laughing can be heard in my room when Robin dives into a cupcake and then is covered in icing. Made with love, Sago Mini Forest Flyer puts kids in control. Part of the award-winning suite of Sago Mini apps, the app is sure to bring joy to your little one.  icon_big_musicboxSago Mini Music Box is an app that my students are just discovering. I like that they can choose to journey in the sky with Jinga or on a boat with Harvey. You can explore the app at your own pace, the faster you touch the faster the tempo of the music; the slower you touch the slower the music. When you touch certain items that are mostly hiding they will appear, whether it is an octopus, penguin, trees or flowers. If you stop interacting with the app it stops making music, making it a great app to start to explore an iPad.  icon_big_petcafeSago Mini Pet Cafe allows you to interact with Harvey, the customer, Jinga, the cook, or Robin, the slushy maker.  Each character has their own mini-exploration. With Jinga you are counting bread and jam and then feeding the bread to each character. With Harvey, you are matching shapes to their outline and then the item will be eaten. The most popular one in my class is Robin. With Robin, you get to make rainbow slushies. You can combine flavors/colors to create new colors, then when the slushy is full Harvey, Jinga and Robin all get to sample the slushy. Be careful you don't get a brain freeze!!! When my students have free play on their iPads they are naturally going to the Sago Sago Apps. These are just 3 of the apps out of their suite of nine and I would recommend exploring all of them.  Each app is unique and would appeal to boys and girls. About the Author -1Alison Rumball, M.S.Ed., is a special education teacher in Ontario, Canada. She teaches students with Autism in an Elementary School.
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  1. […] I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team from Sago Sago. I learned all about their apps and what motivates them to continue to develop their unique apps.  […]