Tiga Talk Campfire Adventure by Tiga Talk 3 Inc & Tactica Interactive

  images-1Brace yourself for a delightfully animated app that0-2 teaches toddlers and preschoolers that sound-syllable imitation can be fun! This interactive storybook, Tiga Talk Campfire Adventure, strives to encourage youngsters to copy simple consonant sounds and consonant-vowel clusters by pairing these vocalizations with appropriate animals in a lively story.  The app opens with a brief animation that identifies the problem:  the frog is taken away and his friends must find him.  To make matters worse, the animal-napper has also taken all of the animals' voices so no one can help give clues about the kidnapped frog until voices are returned.  The user is then prompted to pick an animal friend for the rescue mission. 0-1You also have the option to select target sound practice from a menu screen.  The adventure begins with sound prompting for imitation drills or simple games for users who could benefit from the auditory models but are not yet able to produce sounds on command.  You can set the app to play in speech and tactile mode which means you can help get the animal voices back by playing a game instead of producing sounds.  In this case, you still hear the animal sounds but there is no pressure to make the sound to progress.  The one thing that I would like to see updated in this app is some discussion or acknowledgment when the user makes the wrong sound during imitation drills.  Right now, the app simply self-corrects without giving feedback that the user's production was in error. 0 Features Voice controlled games encourage kids to speak clearly Each time you go through the story it will change - you'll encounter different animals in a different          order making replayability a lot more fun. Beautifully vibrant graphics and a variety fun learning games designed to engage young children Entertaining cartoon characters deliver lots of positive feedback An exciting interactive story adventure Licensed speech therapists selected the app's 19 core phonetic sounds Build hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills Children are able to practice specific sounds and games So easy to play young children can even use it by themselves    About the Author NanetteCote_HeadshotNanette Cote, MA, CCC-SLP has her own speech-language practice, Therapediatrics. She is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist in Naperville, Illinois who was has been practicing Speech Pathology for close to two decades. Her blog, speech2me, was named one of the top Speech-Language blogs for 2012. For more information about this practitioner, please visit speech2me Blog or Facebook
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