Touch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears

  mzl.zvcjrsvmTouch and Write Storybook: 3 Bears, by FizzBrain, is a new take on an old tale - this tome is an engaging 83 page, interactive touch & write storybook! Even though there is an extensive menu you may not need to refer to it, as the app is quite intuitive and the interface is easy to use and self-explanatory. The artwork features 3D characters, while the backdrop initially reminded us of Jan Brett and her wonderfully detailed Bavarian-like illustrations. Classroom teachers designed “Touch and Write Storybook” and it is unique in its expansive range of activities and learning options. Each page of the story offers children an opportunity to explore and practice the story vocabulary by using the engaging "Touch and Write" reading and writing activities. By story's end, children will be exposed to close to 200 vocabulary words. In the Writing Room, children write the words from the current page of the story using fun textures. There are 18 different writing mediums, from chalk and ketchup to chocolate pudding. They learn the name of each word's letters as they write. In the Reading Room, children explore these vocabulary words by following directions and giving the correct words to the stories characters - Goldilocks, Papa, Mama or Baby Bear. In addition, "Touch and Write Storybook" includes the interactive features you expect: children can listen to the lines of the story as they are highlighted, can tap and hear individual words, and can tap around the illustration to learn new vocabulary. They can also take Papa's Quiz by reading Papa's words and tapping the correct part of the illustration to match the word. Just for fun, four interaction pages are spaced throughout the story. Help Goldilocks knock on the door - but watch out for characters from the wrong story! Help Goldilocks eat her porridge but be sure to blow on it to help it cool! Help Goldilocks find the right sized rocking chair and help Goldilocks test the beds. The silly sounds will tell you if a bed is too hard, too soft, or just right! Over the years this story has been presented in many different genres.  This is by far the most extensive version and includes countless learning activities along the way. To say there are choices within the app is an understatement.  Just to give you an example – there are 35 different paper options to write on - traditional lined paper, waffles, zebra stripes and more. Your child will never get bored! The opportunities for reading and writing practice are endless, as are the choices. The kids we worked with played for extensive lengths of time and discovered all the different features, all on their own. photo 2 (3)photo 1 (6)


*Helps children master the story vocabulary for each page as they move through the story. *Writing Room features a fun "Touch and Write" textures so that children practice writing story vocabulary using jello, whipped cream, and more. *Reading Room helps children practice vocabulary from their current page as they have to follow directions, such as "Give the word 'time' to Goldilocks. Now give the word 'bears' to Papa Bear." *Illustrations for each page also teach story vocabulary, with popup text and audio. In addition, children can take Papa Bear's quiz, in which he will ask them to read a story vocabulary word and then tap it in the illustration. *Every word of the story text is tapable, bringing up an enlarged image of the word and its audio. *Read to Me and Read Myself functionality. *Spaced throughout the story are 4 activity pages: Help Goldilocks knock on the door; Help Goldilocks eat her porridge; Help Goldilocks rock her chair; Help Goldilocks test the beds.  
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