Tynker – Learn programming with visual code blocks

  appicon-152Tynker - Learn programming with visual code blocks, by Tynker, is about to take the coding industry by storm by extending programming skill development to the youngest children in an awesome new gaming app. Tynker launched this app in response to the overwhelming success of their visual based computer-learning program on the web.  The goal here is to continue to institute programming concepts in an immersive gaming experience. Learning to code is the key to educational reform and we all need to take this to the next level. Young kids need to be learning how to code, as it is an extraordinary technology we all seem to take for granted as an everyday commodity. Tynker is the perfect platform, it’s specifically designed for student and teacher use. There are many programs but Tynker has been around for some time as a website and is one of the best known. photo 2-2 So what can we expect from this app? Expect to see an instant attraction to this problem-solving game. Kids jump in with both feet and some never want to leave. We need to take advantage of the allure of video games’ “power to captivate” by creating educational video games that are just as much fun and appealing as the popular commercial games. You will see students immediately become addicted to this app. More importantly, you will see excited, engaged kids having fun, all while Tynker fosters a plethora of critical thinking skills - computational and programming. Tynker’s goal is to introduce children to programming concepts, not to make them experts in JavaScript but to learn how to think critically and spatially. "Tynker has developed its own visual programming language, which is focused on bringing better science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education tools into classrooms." Yes, it may seem like Greek to you, but this is one foreign language that will give your child a big boost in school, college, and later in the job market. For some reason, most kids seem apathetic about acquiring this skill, we fell it's time to take notice of this need and plan for our future. Programming will become one of the most valued skills for kids to know in the 21st century. In which case, no age is too early to learn, the app is recommended for ages... A sampling of what you'll find: Puppy Adventure – where kids use logic and loop variations to help Pixel, the lost puppy, find his way home Lost in Space – where kids learn more advanced programming concepts like conditional logic, and apply spatial orientation skills to lead astronaut Biff to his moon base avoiding asteroids and black holes Sketch Racer – where Snap the Turtle can be programmed to draw complex geometric shaping using simple commands This initial release includes over 130 puzzles that teach children computational thinking and the basics of computer programming. By solving these puzzles, children learn to recognize patterns; break down a problem into smaller steps: engage in programming concepts like sequencing, loops, and conditional logic; develop computer drawing and algorithmic thinking skills; debug programs. photo 2-1photo 3-1 July 2014 Update - Tynker is now available for Android tablets! Even better, kids can now create their own apps using Tynker on a tablet (iPad or Android), without internet access. You can find Tynker’s new iPad app and the all-new Tynker app for Android in the iTunes and Google Play app stores, respectively. “Not only do the new apps encourage kids with tablets to create with code on the go, anywhere they are,” states Srinivas Mandyam, Tynker’s CTO, “But now kids also have the flexibility to create their own apps on a device of their choice, and share completed projects on any iOS, Android or web-enabled device, regardless of which operating system was used to create the project in the first place.” The ability to create on any device that’s available not only gets more kids coding but also gives parents and teachers the flexibility to encourage kids to “Tynker” more often – especially when traveling.  
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