Weigh the world by Ravensburger Digital GmbH

  imgres-1Weigh the world, by Ravensburger Digital GmbH, is a fabulous new exploratory app that helps children with the much-needed skill of estimation. The ability to estimate is an essential life skill if a person is to feel confident in today’s technological world. Students are often reluctant to take risks, wanting to always have the correct answer. It is crucial for them to appreciate the value of not knowing, and learn to use it as an opportunity to grow. This app is a real bargain as it addresses estimation with six different engaging games. Kids get to experiment with various weight objects that are shown as simple black pictograms. We admit, we sometimes had trouble identifying some of the objects but that didn’t seem to bother the kids we worked with. They were delighted and often giggled uncontrollably when they mistook a large object for something that is tiny and vice versa. We suggest beginning by warming up with the quick game:photo 3 What does each object weigh? Five other mini games are introduced here, which gives you a sense of what the objects are and what they weigh. *First choose the option to weigh things by grams or ounces, metric or standard units, and get ready for play. Weigh the world promotes experimentation and engages players by way of prediction. The virtual scale, which occurs in some of the games is way cool and allows kids to learn through trial and error. The first game, Weights simply asks the user to find the correct weight of an object. The Compare: mode asks which objects on the scales are heavier. With Quiz kids select what they think the correct weight of an object is from three options. Sort, requires objects to be aligned from the lightest to the heaviest. Mix is challenging and slick as children can choose from six different categories and then are required to balance the scale; watch out it’s tricky – the scale may overflow if you aren't careful. photo


- 6 exciting game modes: Weights, Compare, Quiz, Sort, Mix and Quick Game - Choose between grams and ounces - Dynamic scales: Position items and objects anywhere - 4 color palettes available to personalize the app - Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish  
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