Wenda the Wacky Wiggler- Interactive Storybook

  icon_256Wenda the Wacky Wiggler, by Aslan Studios, is a storybook app celebrating individuality and the pursuit of sharing happiness. Narrated by writer/producer Christopher Aslan and illustrated by Emily Mullock this winning team has put together a darling story stressing the values and importance of being oneself and not letting the negativity of others interfere with who you are. The story begins with Wenda and what she does best - dance, laugh and wiggle with joy. It appears that she is in perpetual motion. This exceptional girl, who is always upbeat and not accepted in Gloomy Town, never loses sight of who she is. When the gloomy people in the town stop all the music, including the one bird singing and demand silence from Wenda, she finds herself in a position where she can’t share her happy dance. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, Wenda realizes her love, joy, and music all come from inside and once again she begins to innately move to her very own groove! Wenda the Wacky Wiggler is an inspiration and example to us all of how essential sharing our own individual selves is and how our joy can spread to others. Best part from a teacher’s perspective - the story is set to rhyme which is never contrived, and the message is a valuable one to share with your students or the whole family! photo 2


*Touch and tap animation surprises! *Narrated By Christopher Aslan *Original Music Score *Multiple reading modes: * Read To Me. * Read Myself * * Enjoy “Auto-play” as Christopher Aslan reads the entire story to you! * Quiet Mode. We all need this one at times! * No in-app purchases *No ads! Just a great story! *Universal App. Optimized for iPad! *Plays on - iPad iPhone and iPod touch Enjoy stunning illustrations, wonderful touch-and-tap animations, and original music score! unnamed    
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