World’s Worst Pet – Vocabulary

admin-aja175mzl.rfsvighs.175x175-75 World's Worst Pet - Vocabulary, by Curriculum Associates, LLC, in conjunction with ArtGig Apps, is a great way to grow students vocabulary skills. Students will stay motivated through great gameplay, as this app is a take on the ever-popular Cut the Rope. That, combined with sharp knives, scary spiders, old attics, toxic dumps and so much more, kids LOVE it! Word definitions are learned in several different ways and the player(s) needs to be on their toes. This game is quick paced and formats change quickly. Snargg, the dog – otherwise known as the worst pet ever - traverses through all kinds of sticky situations, while words and phrases are matched by differing categories. Ten dog bowls need to be filled by playing four different games, each bowl represents a new group of words. The games are set up as a fill-in-the-blank or stack the pulley scenario, synonym and antonym identification, and word definition. The answers are not always obvious and some deeper thinking is required to progress. A great Try Again box appears when a mistake is made reminding students of the task and giving a definition of the word. And no fun tweaks for getting the wrong answer! Pupcakes are earned along the way as a fun incentive with the goal being to fill all of the dog bowls, as well as earning Badges along the way. This app is stacked with an 100 vocabulary words and six levels, geared for grades four through eight. All the words are in line with what kids should know for reading on level literary and informational text and they appear several times in each lesson to reinforce meaning. Each lesson concludes with a thought-provoking writing prompt teachers can assign their students. TeachersWithApps thinks this app has staying power, a long shelf life, and a great motivator to increase vocabulary for all children. The students we worked with got carried away with playing – borderline addictive! It was obvious that stimulating learning was going on while kids totally relished the gameplay! We thought Snargg was far from the worst pet ever, he's so cute and always active. photo RESEARCH-BASED World’s Worst Pet leverages best practices from Reading research • Targets Tier Two words, selected from research-based lists. • Also targets domain-specific words, including science and social studies words. • Teaches words in conceptually-related clusters • Provides clear student-friendly explanations • Provides multiple exposures and repeated practice across a variety of contexts • Helps students make multiple connections between words and their experiences. • Explores word relationships, including synonyms and antonyms • Includes Spanish cognates such as vehículo for vehicle or numerous for numerous • Includes writing prompts focused on the target words in each cluster ALIGNED TO COMMON CORE World’s Worst Pet develops concepts, skills, and strategies as targeted by the Common Core. - “The importance of students acquiring a rich and varied vocabulary,” write the authors of the Common Core, “cannot be overstated.” - Tier Two words are central to understanding complex text, and World’s Worst Pet provides multiple exposures and repeated practice in these words. -  Aligns with vocabulary standards in these sections of the Common Core State Standards - Reading Standards for Literature - Reading Standards for Information Text - Language Standards: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use  
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  1. cool

  2. Stacey

    I am an ESL and enriched English teacher and I highly recommend this app. I have students in grades 7 and 8 using it, as well as some teachers looking to improve their English second language skills. The only “con” I saw was that the unit starts with musical terms, which my students found a bit daunting. Other than that, I LOVE this app.

  3. […] World’s Worst Pet – Vocabulary, by Curriculum Associates, LLC, in conjunction with ArtGig Apps, is a great way to grow students vocabulary skills.  […]