X is for X-Ray

NEWteacherwithappsX is for X-Ray, by Touch Press, is an extraordinary new app that takes full advantage of what is possible when you combine creative and innovative developers with the ever evolving world of technology! Upon first look, we said,  "WOW, WOW & WOW again!" This one adjective resounded throughout, along with "OMG, AMAZING, and COOL," as we explored this incredibly unique app. It might be aimed at younger children, as the book is yet another ABC version of the same 26 letters. This time though, the concept is mind-boggling as each object is x-rayed to reveal the underlying skeleton. As teachers, we couldn't wait to share this app with students and see if they would agree that we had something very special here. They agreed... and the first word uttered was once again, "WOW!"             X is for X-Ray, for iPad is based on the beautiful and astonishing X-ray photography of Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the British Institute of Radiology. You can use the iPad’s touch controls to zoom in and out and rotate and spin the object.  A vertical swipe down switches between regular view and X-ray view. This allows for lots of different exploration on each page. We witnessed students rotating the objects and peering at every possible angle.  The app offers pinch to zoom functionality to discover incredible details about each object. Once the visual stimulation is fed, it is time to enjoy the text, just as stellar as the visuals. There is an accompanying poem for each object from children’s author Paul Rosenthal and these rhymes are spoken by the golden-voiced Kerry Shale of Doctor Who fame. Another added bonus is the full page commentary giving a history overview, scientific information, and some trivia about each object.

This app will delight children as well as adults, giving them a unique insight into the inner secrets of familiar everyday objects. It will also appeal to anyone with a curiosity about the world, how things work and the power of X-ray technology to reveal the nature of reality. Ready to purchase this app? Simply click the "Available on the App Store" icon at top of this review and you're there. This is one app you DO NOT want to miss! WOW, So Cool!  
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