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images-2YAKiT Kids, by Freak'n Genius Inc, is just that - genius. With March rolling in and TWA looking for something fun students can use on their iPads... well, it all just adds to the madness! Watch the Yakit Kids video below and a LOL is guaranteed. We, ourselves, are in the stages of learning Yakit Kids and will be reporting back next month with some of the student's work. The plan is, they need to do a biography on a famous person from the previous century, and heck, we need to use those iPads, so why not use Yakit Kids and have a blast learning about the past! This easy-to-use app can bring any photo/artwork to life with comical and cool features. Simply take or select a picture and highlight the mouth and record your voice to make your very own talking character. Tweak your video by changing the voice pitch, add special effects like wild eyes, big or demure mouth, there are endless possibilities. Let the imaginations run wild! When everything is said and done, you and your kids can watch the animation instantly and can also save or share it. The developers recommend this app for ages 6 -8, we think you will find anyone, any age, that could find an excuse to use this app. Endless fun, loads of laughs... Watch VIDEO of YAKiT in the classroom Best Part:  The kid's videos will be viewed over and over again. What a great way to drive home facts about any content area of the curriculum! Kids of all ages can let their creativity loose and share their creations with family and friends in a safe environment. Parents and teachers never have to worry as their children let their little imaginations run wild with YAKiT Kids. - Have students research a historical figure and then create a YAKiT interviewing them (ex: George Washington) - Ask students to create a YAKiT of major characters from classroom novels or outside reading - Have students create a YAKiT that use new vocabulary - Ask students to take famous pieces of art and make them “speak” (interpret their meaning and explain their historical context) - Have students create a YAKiT introducing themselves to each other (you can create one too for the first day of school!) - Use a YAKiT to make important classroom and homework announcements entertaining
  1. Use a YAKiT to animate the speakers of inspirational quotes and share daily or weekly with the class (ex: if you are using a quote from Bill Gates, have Bill Gates “say” the quote to the classroom!)
  2. Ask students to write and present creative writing and poetry using unique avatars
  3. Use to encourage English language learners to practice listening and speaking skills
  4. Use a YAKiT to animate and explain scientific concepts (ex: a water droplet to explain the water cycle, a plant to explain photosynthesis…)
url This app is the perfect entertainment and learning tool for the home, in the car, or even in educational settings for teachers and students.YAKiT Kids won’t collect any personal information or include any third-party advertising, in-app purchases, or social sharing features.
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