Toontastic Jr. Shrek Movie Maker by Launchpad Toys

images-1Toontastic Jr. Shrek Movie Maker, by Launchpad Toys, is a dynamite addition to this outstanding, award winning, creative companies repertoire. Teachers With Apps reviewed the first Toontastic back in the summer of 2011 and said, "It’s a creative learning tool for the iPad that teaches storytelling skills through playful cartoon creation."  We raved that Toontastic " one of the best when it comes to creativity!"  We are delighted Launchpad has come out with a new Toontastic geared for the younger crowd. In this version, kids pick the beginning, middle, and ending of their movie.  They then are given free reign to combine narration and story telling, all the action they want, and mood music to create their own Shrek Story. Oh, did we mention they have joined forces with the renowned DreamWorks Animation studio to bring you this amazing movie making tool? If your children are too young to remember Shrek, you should introduce them to the gregarious and classic book written by William Steig in 1990, which the movie was based on.shrek Featuring a host of Shrek characters and scenes from the classic Shrek movie, Toontastic Jr. Shrek brings out the Movie Maker in every child while teaching key storytelling skills that promote creativity at a young age. Storm Dragon's Castle, rescue Princess Fiona, battle Lord Farquaad, and crack jokes with Donkey – it's your movie! Toontastic Jr. is designed for kids to play together in a small group — each player can pick a Shrek character and animate it. The Launchpad Toys mission crew have given kids an amazing opportunity to learn and grow up to become independent thinkers; their mantra being: learning-by-creating! “These tablet devices are like digital arts and crafts,” states Andy Russell, co-founder, “I want to turn kids into makers, producers — and not just content consumers.”  Launchpad designs their apps with Co-Play in mind, with the ultimate goal of giving kids and their families an experience as naturally as playing with a box of LEGOs. The children we worked with were in awe of the powers of this wonderful app and were impressed with how well their first take came out. ITUNESPROMOSHOT-ToontasticJr-Shrek-StoryShareThumb• Collaborate with friends and family near or far using StoryShare* over your iPad or iPhone - a groundbreaking new feature that enables you to connect, play, talk, and create movies with loved ones anywhere in the world!
One of our faithful testers tried our Shrek today and his comment was, "I think I'm old enough now for the first toontastic, more options, this one would be great for little kids."

One of our faithful testers tried Toontastic Jr. Shrek today. His comment, "I think I'm old enough now for the first Toontastic, this one would be great for little kids."

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