7 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality which has been making great advances is now actually exposing people all around to experiences they may not have ever encountered. With each new school year, AR is surprising us all with extraordinary innovations. Augmented Reality Apps are now more the norm and with the recent release of the new iPhone developers will be more involved in AR than ever. We have picked  7 awesome augmented reality apps for you to check out!

QuiverQuiver - 3D Coloring App implements an amazing concept of bringing coloring sheets to life. I remember when I was a kid, I used to love the coloring activities on paper, but this app does not stop there. Kids could color the sheets of paper provided by this app, and then see those colored characters come to life in 3D. They could also interact with those characters, which makes them feel personally connected to their own drawing. FetchLunchRushFetch! Lunch Rush takes practicing math to a whole new level by having different sushi pieces in AR to help with counting. One of the best features of this app is that is multiplayer, which makes it a lot more fun for friends to play together. This could be made into a treasure hunt game in which the sheets of paper are spread across the room and when a specific math question comes up, kids have to find the right numbered sheet to finish the exercise. CuriscopeCuriscope Virtuali-tee implements a 21st-century method of learning about the body. Many AR apps usually use paper to project on, but this app uses a t-shirt, which makes it even more exciting to learn about the different systems in the body. The app also comes with a virtual expert on physiology and anatomy that guides us through the different parts of the body. An added bonus to this app is that it could also be experienced in virtual reality. CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT!  ARFlashCardsAR Flashcards: Animal Alphabet is a simple yet novel app that teaches kids about alphabets and animal names. It uses flashcards with letters and words printed on it and we could see the respective animals projected in AR. Additionally, when we tap on these animals, we could hear the first letter and name of that animal. Cool, right? I think it is an amazing way of introducing kids to alphabets as they could actually see the different animals in 3D. StarChartStar Chart is an amazing augmented reality app for astronomy enthusiasts, and they don’t even have to go outside to view stars. All they need to do is point the device towards the sky and it brings the sky to life filling it with bright stars. We could also point the device down to see the stars on the other side of the earth. That's definitely something we couldn't do without this app that shows the current location of every star right at our doorstep. GoogleTranslateGoogle Translate is an amazing app to translate over 100 languages. When I tried it, I was amazed to see how accurate it was. Even though it wasn’t completely accurate, I was able to easily translate from certain languages I didn’t know to the ones I did. I see this as a really helpful feature to get kids excited about learning languages, and also use it while they travel to different countries! The app currently supports text translations between 103 languages, offline translations for 52 languages and Word Lens-based augmented reality translations for 30 languages. DinoOnMyDesk Dino On My Desk AR brings an adorable little dinosaur to life and teaches us about the dinosaur era. This curious protoceratops called Plunkett loves being tickled and eats absolutely everything it sees. This is an appealing app for dinosaur lovers as it makes learning about dinosaurs so much fun while playing with a virtual one! Kids play with dinosaur toys all the time, but imagine having a dinosaur to actually interact with! Awesome, isn’t it?    
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