Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story

 Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story, written by internationally known children’s author and anti-bullying activist, Annie Fox and Illustrated by Academy Award nominee, Eli Noyes is an exceptional book to help get small children to discuss their feelings. We all know that this is not always an easy thing to do, for children or adults. The delightful characters are Sheila, the big sister; Raymond, the little brother, and we can't leave out Snowball, Raymond’s cherished teddy bear. In this new adventure, they are at the beach amongst a sea of umbrellas. Sheila loves the beach, as there are so many interesting things to look at and Raymond loves the beach because of all the different food trucks! When it is decided that only one can go to get ice cream it is Raymond, toting Snowball in his backpack, who heads off to find the truck while Sheila waits with their "valuable stuff". Sheila has a brilliant idea as Raymond runs off, she will use her binoculars to keep an eye on both of them. Along the way Raymond has many mishaps - losing Snowball, finding him, losing sight of the ice cream truck, dealing with the idea of returning to Sheila empty handed, and then a very intimidating hippo asking for their order in a booming voice. Luckily, Snowball gives Raymond the courage to order and eventually they start back, ice cream cones in hand. Meanwhile, Sheila has had her own problems. She loses sight of them with her binoculars and thinks that she is the world’s worst sister. She hopelessly trudges past yellow umbrella after yellow umbrella feeling that she is all to blame for losing her brother. Well, of course, there is a happy ending... but you will have to read the book to find out how they reunite. This darling book is chock full of various topics that can be discussed with your class or your child. Safety is the biggest issue, as well as the feelings that take over when you are lost. Since we get both perspectives - one from Raymond and what he felt like being lost and one from Sheila, on how she endured Raymond being lost. The end of the book gives you a friendly outline of what conversations you might pursue and guide your children with. This is the second book in the series starring Sheila and Raymond. Read TWA' review of the first in the series, Are You My Friend?  Raymond and Sheila’s peaceful day at the beach turns into a wild goose chase involving a flying teddy bear in distress, a disappearing ice cream truck, and a couple of sly boa constrictors. Is there such a thing as too much adventure? All they were trying to do was keep an eye on their “valuables” without losing sight of what’s really important!
 “Are We Lost?” is now live in both print and Kindle form. You can find the print version at CreateSpace -  Amazon and the Kindle version. You can also visit the Sheila and Raymond page to learn more about these delightful characters.
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