Are you struggling to find the RIGHT teaching resources for you and your students?

Are you struggling to find the RIGHT teaching resources for you and your students?

Wouldn't our jobs be more rewarding if we could spend less time trying to find resources and spend more time reviewing how our students actually did and how we could help them further? Today, managing the what, where, and when students learn is an increasingly complex challenge for teachers. One of the more challenging aspects of the job is combing the Internet in search of appropriate content: a tedious process that gets even more cumbersome the more you try to personalize instruction for every student. In addition, sometimes when digital resources are used, there isn’t enough time to include the results in our gradebooks. This practice can limit what we might know about how our students have truly mastered and what they still need to learn. To make matters worse, there has been an explosion of educational technology tools over the last ten years. The complexity of choosing “the right one” for you or your school doesn’t look like it will get easier any time soon. Fortunately, we may not have to choose “one” after all.

A Library of Teaching Resources

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.08.50 PM Kiddom is a platform that provides built-in curriculum and teaching resources with top-notch reporting features. Everything you need is housed in one convenient location. New curriculum resources are added on a regular basis and once you find a resource you like, you can easily assign it to your students using the app.

How does it work?

The Kiddom team curates the best teaching resources available online into an easy-to-use library. This collection is an invaluable tool to save teachers time when planning exciting lessons that incorporate multimedia, and interactive elements. Options to include video, audio, and embedded assessments into daily lessons has never been easier. Many of these resources are standards-aligned and allow for differentiation, remediation/enrichment, and blended learning. There is an added value in that some assessments found within Kiddom’s library will automatically upload student grades directly into Kiddom’s gradebook: that means you won’t have to open up CK-12 or Khan Academy to view how your students performed - the grades will automatically update!   The best part is about all of this is that Kiddom’s library of teaching resources is completely free for teachers. To determine which resources are right for you, use this handy chart below. Content Providers v2        
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