At the Zoo With Grandma and Grandpa

zoo Check it out! At the Zoo With Grandma and Grandpa is the *10th* entry in Fairlady Media’s collection of Grandma and Grandpa educational games for kids. It has just been released and is available for all animal lovers! Do you know what a Malayan tapir is? Let’s go to the zoo to find out! Fix the animal signs, color a zebra, add up the visitors, solve puzzles, feed the penguins, put on a seal show, dig for fossils, and more in this amazing 10th app in the popular Grandma and Grandpa collection! Designed for ages 6-8. Enjoy beautiful photos, illustrations, videos, and amazing sound effects of over 50 exotic wild animals. Kids love At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa because they get to play animal games, solve puzzles, and creatively color the animals. Parents and teachers love it because it teaches kids about wildlife, habitats, animal vocabulary, animal behavior, conservation, reading, math, science, and other K-2 curriculum skills. imgres-6EDUCATIONAL GAMES:
  1. Fix the Sign – Can you spell LEOPARD to fix this sign?
  2. Animal Sounds – Which animal made that sound?
  3. Tram Math – Add up the visitors on those two teams!
  4. Jigsaw Puzzle – Put together the pieces and learn a new fun fact!
  5. Spot the Difference – Find the different fish in the aquarium!
  6. Fossil Dig – Wow! You discovered a nautilus!
  7. Match Signs to Animals – Which sign goes next to the Tasmanian Devil?
  8. Feed the Penguins – Solve a tricky puzzle to feed the penguins!
  1. This zebra is missing its stripes! Can you color some new ones?
  2. Eat a delicious snack with Grandpa!
  3. Balance the seal’s ball to put on an amazing show! The crowd goes wild!
  4. Give Grandpa a high five!
  5. Grandma lets you choose a souvenir for your toy box!
Plus, watch 10 fascinating videos about exotic and strange animals around the world, narrated by Grandma and Grandpa! YouTube Preview Image    
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