Carstens Studio Inc. – Part 2, Attributes

  images-16Attributes is the newest app from Carsten Studios Inc. It’s packed with all the things that we love – amazing graphics, loads of fun levels that up its replay value, and the opportunity to “DO MATH” for the pure pleasure it brings. Attributes brings math full circle by teaching about how the world is ordered through patterns, sequences, categories, etc. By recognizing attributes, one begins to self-regulate, calm, and have a stable base from which to conduct oneself. This stability brings one a consistent reference point in which to reach out and safely explore the unknown. It can also serve as an impetus to creativity, in that because of what we know; we can now try something other than the habitual. Along with the familiar set up of gameplay as in Math Doodles, Carstens Studios Inc. has added a few new features to keep the game challenging and extend the play. attributesBanner Henry: Once you open Attributes you realize that you are getting a BIG bang for your buck!  The app, is really like seven apps in one, and welcomes you with lively graphics and cool creatures. You are also welcomed with a variety of different options. Henry: Is seven different options too much, I don’t think so because it covers a wide range of maths giving the teacher and student flexibility. Within each different option, you are able to choose a different level to challenge the individual. By being able to set different levels in part of the app you can suit it to the children’s needs. Obviously, adults may be best to set the challenge in the first place as children may set the bar too high. This, in turn, can then put them off math and progressing in their understanding. Let’s explore these games, so you can have a taste of what’s inside!
  • Category Stack is a matching game where kids drag items to three different stacks depending on the attribute. The challenge is to visually scan and problem solves how to match in the most efficient manner.
  • Combo Table is learning to match, sort and categorize different attributes to a table. It is like working on a spreadsheet but a lot more fun.
  • Find it is a blast! “It” is hidden behind 1 of three panels, like the old cup game. Visual attention and reasoning are the key ingredients learned here.
  • Pattern Sequence is not your typical sequencing game. First, you have to uncover what the pattern is, and it is not always apparent. There can be several factors to weigh in and try.
  • Venn Diagrams help develop discriminating awareness as students compare and contrast attributes to 4 points – A, B, Both or Neither. The upper levels have one jumping because students need to figure out what attributes comprise those categories.
  • Double Traits has students swapping items to that they all share at least one link. It's crazy fun, and kids can sharpen their visual scanning and discrimination skills in the process.
  • If Else Sort is a hard one! Students must recognize a rule and then project the placement of items on a flow chart. It is good practice for developing logical sequencing and executive functioning skills.
Henry: They particularly enjoyed the Venn Diagram activity in the race mode. The Race mode was particularly popular as the children like a time limit to try and answer the question. Children also seemed to enjoy playing the If Else Sort activity as well. It can be used as part of a group as well as in an individual setting. I would use this app as part of a warm up for a lesson and for subject-specific lessons such as data handling for the Venn diagrams. By sharing this app with the children, they saw what a variety of different concepts you covered. “This app covers loads of math” Attributes is an another fantastic app which its distinct graphics make it stand out from the rest of many apps. It’s well worth the money. Carstens Studios Inc. Rock! Highly Recommended and another Teachers With Apps Top Pick. MATH GOALS: - Attributes - Classification - Sets - Pattern sequences - Venn Diagrams - Tables - Combinations - Logic - If then statements - Problem Solving - Mathematical Reasoning - Math Enjoyment   image1by Henry Penfold is a year 4 teacher in Southampton who is also the ICT leader. He is keen on technology and how it can support learning. He is a Primary School Teacher, KS2, and ICT coordinator as well as a Keen Cricket follower.
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