Auditory Memory Club by Smarty Ears

AMC-img1-1Auditory Memory Club by Smarty Ears is an app targeted for children 5 years and younger says the app store, I think it has a wide range age appeal. Designed by a speech and language pathologist as a tool for improving auditory memory skills and language processing, the app is excellent. I love that when the app is first opened, the music and pictures are kid-friendly. The four activities are labeled and easy to choose from between I Say You Do!, What Was That?, Remember For Amber, and Let’s Put Some Order (picture 1). Each activity targets a category of auditory memory that I work on all the time with my students! The instructions and tasks are narrated and are easy for kids to follow and understand. The images are real-life photos, which is functional for children to relate to everyday situations. I also enjoy that there are ten trials for each level, different delay intervals to choose from, and you are able to turn the background noise on/off. AMC-img9 Following Directions! Remembering discussion! Sequencing! These skills are essential for success in the classroom (Mense, Debney, and Druce, 2013). Auditory Memory Club is an engaging way to help students learn these critical skills! AMC-img19            
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