Auryn HD – Teddy’s Night

Auryn HD - Teddy's Night, written and illustrated by Bruno Hächler and Birte Müller, is a Super Star app! This darling book app features subtle and surprising treats to wind down little ones, in order to get ready for bed... and stay there. It begins with the sweetest little girl and her cherished teddy bear. She knows that he is up to something and is not going to go to sleep. The narrator has the cutest voice and when she says, "Goodnight teddy bear!" over and over, she sets the mood for quiet fun, which makes this the perfect bedtime story. The captivating illustrations really bring this story to life through the just right amount of interactivity. The interactivity touch spots are not highlighted until the narration is done, LOVE this concept. But don't stop at the hints alone or you will miss out on some of the best surprises.  A picture taped to the wall in one of the scenes becomes a full page pastel palette that kids can really draw on! Beside the drawing paper, there are a slew of activities such as, block stacking, memory matching games, interactive harp playing and a physics room. We no longer have toddlers, but definitely could still recite many a favorite tale and What Does My Teddy Bear Do All Night? would be added to this list.
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