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Skoolbo’s Educational Resource Shop Opening Soon!

As the great online math and literacy challenge, Learnathon, enters its final two weeks, there’s some exciting news from creators Skoolbo. Their brand new online educational resource shop is almost ready! Teachers will be able to use the funds raised from the Learnathon to purchase amazing resources to excite and engage their students. From fabulous…
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Enrich Learning with Skoolbo’s Learnathon!

It is well known that teachers spend many hours (and often a considerable amount of their own money) planning engaging and exciting learning experiences for their students. Well here is some very good news for teachers and their students. Game-based learning company, Skoolbo has teamed up with some of the top educational resource providers to help…
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Learnathon the Digital Lemonade Stand!

Why do we buy homemade lemonade from children? Is it because it is the best lemonade we have ever tasted? Well occasionally it is, but more often than not we have an entirely different motive for our purchase. We are prepared to pay for that glass of lemonade as an act of recognition of the…
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Motivate Students with Learnathon!

It is often observed that children begin life as naturally enthusiastic, motivated learners. However, maintaining this engagement can be a challenge. There are many ways to motivate learners but there is perhaps nothing more motivational for children than having their efforts noticed and rewarded. Children often perform best when they have an audience. What parent…
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Join the Skoolbo Learnathon!

If you haven’t already discovered Skoolbo, it’s time you did! This great free math, literacy and languages app launched in 2014 and is now used in 50,000 schools worldwide. The innovative and hugely enjoyable game uses state of the art graphics to immerse students in exciting 3D virtual learning worlds. This is game-based learning at…
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