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Using Owl Eyes as a Way to Track Student Progress

Last year, Owl Eyes brought you a simple—and mess-free—approach to annotating and collaborating on a classic, public domain texts with your students. If you’re not familiar with them, Owl Eyes is a digital library with an annotation platform. Teachers can painlessly create virtual classrooms, invite students, and assign reading and annotate homework from the free…
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Student Engagement: Using Electrical Experiments in the Classroom

Society has evolved in part because of the discovery of electricity. While many people give the credit of discovery to Benjamin Franklin, there are actually several scientists who experimented with electricity. With each successful experiment, these men brought us one step closer to the circuits, magnets, and light bulbs that we know today. Teachers can…
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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Children Spending time with your children is important. The years will go by fast and you’ll soon be saying goodbye to those kids who just yesterday were tiny toddlers. However, it isn’t just important to spend a lot of time with children for sentimental reasons or just hang…
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Guest post: 5 Challenges Facing Working Moms

[caption id="attachment_48414" align="aligncenter" width="450"] pic by veooz[/caption] Guest post: 5 Challenges Facing Working Moms This Monday, we’re posting a piece from a guest blogger, Sarah Brooks, about the challenges that working moms face. Sarah is a writer and blogger with an interest in all things tech. This blog post originally appeared in Famigo.  __________________________________________________________________ 5…
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Assistive Technology (AT) and Learning Disabled Children

There’s an App for That: Assistive technology (AT) and Learning Disabled Children What are the signs of intellectual disability in children? Signs may appear during infancy, or they may not be noticeable until a child reaches school age. It often depends on the severity of the disability. Some of the most common signs of intellectual…
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