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Understanding Maths – Telling Time

"Understanding Maths - Telling Time" by appp media is simply brilliant in its clean sleek design and thoughtful teaching strategies. It’s perfect for kids just learning to mark time and also sophisticated enough for older students. The outstanding features include being able to record a child’s voice in telling the time, and the gentle scaffolding…
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Wrap up: ISTE 2016

ISTE 2016 has come to a close, and reflecting back on the experience this year has been one of wonder. There are so many people who have created apps, technologies, systems of organization and awe inspiring products. One of the most emotionally moving sessions for me was Angela Maiers from Choose2Matter. She demonstrated the power…
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ISTE2016 Day 2

TWA is at ISTE2016 in the sky high city of Denver! The sky is a deep vast blue, and we are all set to explore the richness of the community of all things tech in education. There are over 14,000 attendees this year, all aglow in anticipation for what is to come. ISTE is a…
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Dust or Magic – a Case in Point

Dust or Magic Events - App Fests, Institutes, Camps, and Master Classes across the globe and led by one man’s vision to make a difference in the education of children. If you are a developer, reviewer, teacher, librarian, or clinician, you need to go - at least once. Multiple times always proves to be a…
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Sandbox Summit 2016 Recap

Sandbox Summit 2016 was the best ever! Presented by Play Science at MIT, the theme was on the ROI of Play (Return on Investment). Every topic was fascinating and covered diverse topics such as the current research and trends in play experiences to how best to design and sustain viability in this ever-evolving market. The…
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Toy Fair 2016 Day One!

  WOW! Day One at the Toy Fair, and is it ever exhilarating! There are so many ingenious people out here, it just makes your mind spin. The love of children and what they do shines through each and every one of the vendors present. The ones that especially touch our hearts are the educational vendors…
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