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Kiddom Has It All!

Kiddom is an intuitive, free platform specifically developed for teachers of all grade levels.  This one platform organizes EVERYTHING in ONE location--grades, curriculum/lesson planning, standards tracking, and data compilation. First, teachers create classes and enroll students (students can even add themselves).  Teachers assign digital or non-digital assignments.  Digital assignments can be created in Google Drive…
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Speak Up! Speakers for Cooperative Learning

Flexcat Pods by Lightspeed Technologies Speak Up! Speakers for Cooperative Learning Schools have long endorsed the use of cooperative learning strategies in the classroom.  However, many teachers hesitate to use it as monitoring all the conversations going on at one time is impossible. Lightspeed Technologies has a new product on the market that makes great…
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Digital Storytelling – ISTE 2016

Digital Storytelling Playground - ISTE 2016 Ten years of my teaching career were spent teaching third-grade writing.  During this time, I quickly learned that the best way to motivate children to do their best writing was to incorporate technology.  The moment I told the students they would use the iPad to publish their work, the…
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  ISTE2016. International Society of Technology Education hosts an annual convention where over 14,000 educational technology gurus gather annually. Educators who love technology can geek-out together in a safe and fun atmosphere. The thought of this awe-inspiring meeting causes heart rates to increase, smiles to spread across faces, and levels of excitement to rise. However,…
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ThinkWrite Headsets Pass the Classroom Test

I teach in an iPad Lab that services over 700 students in grades K-5 per week.  There are many pros about my job, but one major con is headphones, that was the biggest downside until  Think Write Headsets were adopted. Headphones are a critical tool for success in my daily life.  Through the years, I have tried…
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Monkey Spot Student Video Review

Student Video Review of Monkey Spot The Bulldog App Review Team produced another video review.  The app is Monkey Spot by Monkey Bar Collective.  This entertaining, educational app includes scavenger hunts.  Scavenger hunts require children to find and take pictures of objects in their environment.  Children quickly become immersed!  These students had a blast learning…
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19 Apps to Bring App Smashing to Your Classroom

19 Apps to Bring App Smashing to Your Classroom Beginning my adventure as an iPad Lab teacher two years ago was easy.  I knew everything there was to know about iPads and how to use them in the best way possible—or so I thought. Then I went to a workshop about app smashing and soon realized exactly…
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Texas Computer Education Association

As a native Texan, I have been raised to think, “Everything is bigger and better in Texas.” The annual TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Convention and Exposition is proof that this saying is absolutely true. TCEA is the largest state organization in the country dedicated to the use of technology in classrooms. It’s annual convention,…
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