Award winning 3 Elles Interactive announces the release of Montessori 1st Operations winning educational software startup 3 Elles Interactive announces the release of Montessori 1st Operations, a clear and simple approach to addition and subtraction that will change the way children see math forever! If you want your children to understand the concepts instead of applying them as they are told, Montessori 1st Operations is the app you’ve been looking for!

Addition & Subtraction made easy for 5-8 years old

Developed by teachers, Montessori 1st Operations is an app allying a 100-year-old proven pedagogy with the best of 21st Century technology and using a revolutionary dynamic progression algorithm that follows each user's progress and adapts the games accordingly.

Available on May 9th, 2013 on the AppStore @$4.99

- A natural progression to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 99
- An initiation to multiplication and division using the concepts of double and half - More than 10 different activities with fun monsters
- A detailed "Note to parents" explaining the pedagogy behind each game
- 11 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Korean
- Universal app (iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini)

To watch a video demo:

3 Elles Interactive was founded in 2010 and has designed and published 5 educational apps, all of which have been featured on the AppStore. Our philosophy make children eager to learn and, more importantly, eager to understand by doing and having fun. For detailed information on our apps click HERE

If you would like more information, contact us

Fun Educational Apps Made by Teachers

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