At and Away From Your Desk: Free Apps That Are Essential for Busy Educators

imageAt and Away From Your Desk: Free Apps That Are Essential for Busy Educators

Any educator understands that a lot of their time is spent working on lesson plans and grading outside of the classroom. That lecture or long school day is only the beginning of a long work day. But the outside work is just as important to make sure students are receiving the best education they can get. The process outside of school doesn’t have to be a grueling affair. Now that the school year has begun, it’s time to look at some of the proven IOS/Android apps for anyone who’s in the business of teaching young minds. Modern Teaching Methods Technology is an ever-present facet of modern day teaching. The technology works concurrently with more traditional methods of teaching. There are new forms of media that not only can you use to organize yourself but to organize your students’ minds.
  1. Edmondo: No longer are students confined to just interacting with their teachers at limited times. Both instructors and students are able to share files through the app. It’s a great place to submit homework, online tests and for teachers to provide real time feedback.
  1. Educreations: An app like this blasts you right into the media age. It’s becoming a common method for visual learners to learn best through video tutorials. Educreations helps educators who teach from any location to create compelling videos. So if you need to create something for a class to look at home or through an online course, this is ideal.
Keeping Yourself Organized Starting your day off as smooth as possible is important to get a right start. Here’s where a lot of organization comes into play.
  1. Weather Live Free: Rain or shine, Weather live shows an animated feature on your screen anytime you check the app. A customized layout will keep you on track for the upcoming day. If you know it’s going to be a bit chilly, grab a jacket and don’t forget those lesson plans with a weather app to keep you in the know.
  1. Trello: Having the ability to collaborate is a must for multiple students and educators. At times it can be difficult for students to arrange a get together for a group project. Trello bypasses this type of miscommunication by enabling students to work together through an online platform.
Staying Efficient There’s so much to keep track of. Students may need to turn in that assignment, but depending on what level of education you teach, that means hundreds if not more for you to take care of.
  1. Dropbox: As a great introductory piece of software into the cloud, Dropbox offers unprecedented features for free. It’s a great service for exchanging multimedia files and sharing files that can be edited by others students and faculty.
  1. ClassDojo: Providing feedback is a hallmark of teaching and a necessary step for ensuring students are doing their best. This allows for you to connect with student’s teachers or even let the students know if they’re working hard and participating enough.
These apps are going to make your life as an educator a lot easier and subsequently, help out your students to be the best and most efficient they can be. This guest post has been written by Robert Gray. By day Robert is an educator, by night he is a gadget geek who can't resist trying out the newest item on the market!
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