Back to School Apps – Tried & True w/some NEW


In preparation for the new school year, TWA has picked some favorites in all different stages/ages categories. Enjoy this list with your own children or if you are a teacher try these out with your new batch of students this year. There's literally something for everyone!



ComomolaFireflies Comomola Fireflies - Goodnight Stories to overcome a fear of the dark is a darling app to lull your youngster to sleep in a safe environment. This sweet story has gone to all lengths to be as calming and lets the child move at their own speed and liking. It will captivate the imagination and put any child at ease taking their minds away from the fear of darkness. Great for an end of summer story!   littleFoxMusicBox Little Fox Music Box - Kids Songs - Sing along, not only offers songs, but also a musical “play space” for each that features adorable, detailed illustrations, high-quality music that never misses a beat and the most delightful sound effects ever experienced in an app. It combines classic music and interactive components with superb execution in every facet. *FOREVER FAV    animalRescueAnimal Rescue is a darling new app that not only supports the integrity and survival of animals, it teaches young children the importance of humane treatment of all creatures. It is intended for kids five and under and it has been designed with meticulous attention for this specific age group. This is a wonderful way to instill basic respect and kindness for other creatures.    


PandaRacersDr. Panda's Racers is an exciting new app for preschoolers. The interest and repeat play has been phenomenal! In their new app, kids participate in a car race while being able to earn design rights to new parts to cars after winning races. In addition, they can customize their own race tracks - complete with obstacles and roadblocks to foil their foes.   codeKartsCode Karts is a coding app for preschoolers. For children that young, coding apps can teach them logical thinking as well as problem-solving skills. This app revolves around the idea of overcoming obstacles to win the race. It teaches the basics of sequencing, if-then statements, logical thinking and problem-solving skills through many levels of increasing difficulty.   FidoAndPumpkinFido and Pumpkin Position Words concentrates on a highly important and often overlooked preschool skill: directional words. This is the understanding of words that indicate the position of objects such as: where the person, place or thing is. Prime examples of that would be under, over, between, inside, below, etc., which are still abstract concepts for young kids.    

Elementary School

ZapZapMathZap Zap Math - K6 Math Games has been steadily building a growing platform of minigames and with every update they continue to provide a wealth of resources for children in grades K-6, giving this app a never ending shelf life for kids in the primary grades. The activities and gameplay greatly differ which keeps kids engaged and in a learning mode.   TellingTimeUnderstanding Maths - Telling Time is perfect for kids just learning to mark time and also sophisticated enough for older students. The outstanding features include being able to record a child’s voice in telling the time, and the gentle scaffolding of the needed skills to help a child learn how to set the hands of the clock and how to do maths when calculating periods of time.


Middle School

hopscotchHopscotch is a great coding app in which children can build anything they want through coding! They have tutorial get kids started with coding, in which they can follow along with a video that teaches them how to code different mini games. Once the kids are familiar with coding, then can build their own games and interactions, and publish them for others to play their creations.   worldsWorstPetWorld's Worst Pet - Vocabulary is a great way to grow students vocabulary skills. Students will stay motivated through great gameplay, as this app is a take on the ever-popular Cut the Rope. That, combined with sharp knives, scary spiders, old attics, toxic dumps and so much more, kids love it!  This game is quick paced and formats change quickly.   TickBaitsUniverseTick Bait's Universe gives kids the opportunity to intimately explore the universe with a simple “pinch" on the screen. They can zoom down into the microscopic world to explore very, very small items such as bacteria, viruses, DNA, atoms, and protons.  They can also zoom up to see really large objects such as the Earth, its atmosphere, our solar system, galaxies and beyond.   NewsOMaticNews-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids is making a big splash in the device driven, digital news. This much-needed app was just released and we have to say, until now... there wasn’t an app for that. This app is going to get lots of use both in the classroom and out. Teachers who cover and/or assign current events are going to love News-0-Matic.    

High School & University

equate-formula-iconEquate Formula Solver is an educational application that covers Math, Physics and Chemistry topics from elementary to high school. This mobile app is an all in one (Math, Physics, Chemistry) formula calculator. Its content includes relatively simple operations of arithmetic and fractions and moves all the way into more sophisticated concepts of trigonometric functions.   WoldranAlphaWolframAlpha is described as a Computational Knowledge Engine, the students that we worked with could only say, "WOW!" This app is truly amazing. The speed - incredible, the problem solving - mind-boggling, the content - vast, and the concept - exceptional. This app is revolutionary and its uses are virtually everywhere: work, home, school, travel, play, etc.   MathElf IconMath Tutoring and Homework Help is an app in which students can actually talk with "live" math tutors to help them understand difficult math problems. This app is a perfect go-to for finding a master math tutor 24/7! Math Elf works with students in elementary school through the university level. There have also been college students who use Math Elf for help on a regular basis.   virtualLabsVirtual Labs are a series of apps that are great for teachers that are unable to use physical science labs to teach, and act as a supplement to the the physical labs focusing on food science. Students can turn the focus dials on a microscope, light Bunsen burners, look at corn under UV light, perform tests on Petrifilm Plate and calibrate a pH meter among many other interactions.
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