Behavior World

  400x400bb-6Behavior World is a dynamic token board created by Helping Hand Systems LLC. It was created to assist kids in modifying behaviors by earning tokens for prizes or treats. Once a target behavior or goal is identified, it can be then broken down into manageable steps, teaching kids how to self-regulate and change habitual patterns. What separates Behavior World from the pack? Why is this app so different than other token boards? Here are just a few of the reasons:
  • The ability to use this app across devices and environments – be it school, home, or during soccer practice serves as a reminder for kids (and adults) to be consistent and stay on target.
  • Teachers, parents, and others working with children are all on the same page, and goals are clear.
  • Targeted behaviors are clearly presented without undoing visual or auditory clutter.
  • There are suggested goals in each environmental domain, but they can be upgraded or down graded as mastery evolves.
  • Can be used and modified for individual, group, or classroom goals.
  • The design concept is kid centered and based on what kids like rather than an adult’s perception of what may be interesting for kids.
  • The child is involved in every step of the process, which increases investment in their contract and motivation to modify behaviors.
IMG_2323The idea for Behavior World evolved from a Dad’s heartbreak in watching his son begin to have difficulties self-regulating after a family’s personal struggles. After making a token reward chart for his son, Kevin Spiteri, an Occupational Therapist, thought about making something more mobile and kid friendly. He and his partner, another Occupational Therapist, began to come up with the idea of Behavior World. Let’s take a peek inside this exciting new take on token boards. On opening, a parent or other adult creates an account and then registers a child/class to get started. There is a single IAP of $2.99 to unlock all options, and there are smaller packages to unlock extra avatars, themes, multiuser, etc. The bargain, however, is that for $2.99 USD, one gets everything, and it is well worth the money spent. The fun part now begins and makes the child not only an active participant about the choices they make in terms of their behaviors, but also as a collaborator in finding and practicing solutions. First, they choose their “Buddy,” who serves as an avatar, and the choices are similar to any game or comic book character. The themes are the backdrops and are beautifully illustrated in a 3D surrealistic fashion. The ability to set up goals is a snap, and I love the custom feature to be able to IMG_2326downgrade or upgrade a goal. For instance, if you would like your child to put dirty laundry in their hamper, one could start by collecting clothing from the floor, separating items, and actually, within days or weeks make it to opening up the lid to the hamper! Setting the number of repetitions where the behavior must be observed to earn a token is next, and this feature can be timed. This is a handy feature for classroom, clinic, or for a specific task to be performed within a certain timeframe. Once levels have been earned, an email can be sent to validate progress as a reward certificate. Certificates are always fun and serve as reinforcers in themselves, and the recipient deserves bragging rights either in front of the classroom or at the dinner table. IMG_2325Helping Hand Systems LLC has teamed up with Buddies, a company that brings artwork to life, and will be turning the Buddies into real life plushies. Other future updates will include coloring pages as well as be able to collectively add children to a group. Behavior World is constantly evolving and is open to feedback and suggestions. Check out their website for more information: This is one app that is a keeper, and I will certainly be sharing this with more of my parents and colleagues. A TWA Top Pick for its sheer simplicity of use and benefits to homes and classrooms.  
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