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The company Bel Math Apps developed Math Fraction, this iPad app focuses on quizzes for common fractions and decimals. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math Fraction is an iPad application created by independent company Bel Math Apps. Math Fraction offers an advanced approach to practicing elementary/middle school mathematics and provides a broad spectrum of math exercises with fractions & decimals covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Read more about Bel Math Apps Math Fraction app below:

Math Fraction content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards and covers the following domains of CCSS for grades 4 through 6:

- Operations & Algebraic Thinking,

- Number & Operations in Base Ten,

- The Number System.

Math Fraction could be used by students to hone math skills, by parents to examine kids' math knowledge, and by teachers to create tests.

Math Fraction offers six administrative pages:

- “CF + -" for adding/subtracting fractions,

- "CF x ÷" for multiplying/dividing fractions,  

- "+ DEC" for adding decimals,

- "- DEC" for subtracting decimals,

- "x DEC" for multiplying decimals,

- "÷ DEC" for dividing decimals with quizzes in the corresponding arithmetic operations.

Quizzes for decimals have four levels of complexity. Each executive page has a special screen section where records of the current session are logged.

Most important features of the presented app:

  • easy to learn, easy to operate;
  • no distractions;
  • the flexible nature of the apps allows to fit the needs of any student;
  • the apps help parents and educators to locate their students' weak spots, and to quickly improve the students' skills and performance in those areas;
  • Math Fraction allows sending the results of the practice session to the parent or teacher immediately after a session ends.

About Company

Bel Math Apps is a small independent company that was created three years ago by a husband and wife (both with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and with teaching experience).

Bel Math Apps specializes in mobile apps for the iOS and Android that help to analyze and enhance kid's math skills by offering a new approach to practicing elementary and middle school mathematics. Quizzes offered by

Bel Math Covers

- all arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and integers;

- Statistics (mean, median, mode, range).

Currently, seven applications are available on the AppStore and two on Google Play.

Applications have a few levels of complexity, which allow the alignment of the application with any grade-level standards. Another essential feature of Bel Math Apps applications is providing the ability for parents/teachers to get or send the practice results in real-time.

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