10 Best App Bundles for Preschool

Bundles of apps are a great way to add to your iPad library and keep your kids playing with the BEST educational apps! We all care about content and well sure, play is learning and learning is play, but the quality of what is played can make all the difference in a child's development. TWA highly recommends all of these apps as great choices for being educational, FUN & engaging, as well as gender neutral. bundles
  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar apps by Story Toys has all four apps in one great bundle, you never can get enough of Eric Carle! This is by far one of the most revered app developers that has been on the scene from the beginning and continues to produce some of the most creative, fresh, and endearing apps. Story Toys sets the bar for all other educational app developers!
  • MY VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Care for your very own Very Hungry Caterpillar! A multi-award winning app which has been the #1 Kids App all around the world.
  • THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR - SHAPES & COLORS A magical learning adventure introducing preschoolers to shapes & colors.
  • THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR & FRIENDS - FIRST WORDS An adorable learning app for children learning their first words.
  • THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR & FRIENDS - PLAY & EXPLORE Counting, sorting, memory skills and healthy eating all feature in this wonderful learning app featuring Eric Carle’s much-loved characters. READ MORE HERE
2. Preschool Bundle by AVOKIDDO includes three brilliant educational apps that will be played again and again, they have an ingenious team that understands kids play. They are also a TWA favorite as they continually promote creative critical thinking skills, the graphics are exceptional, the interactivity is spot-on, and AVOKIDDO is famous for its fabulous fun factor!  READ MORE HERE Teachers With Apps: "Beck and Bo is pure perfection for toddlers!" A great app for discovery learning!"
  • Avokiddo Emotions
  • Avokiddo ABC Ride
  •  Beck and Bo
3. Fairlady Media Preschool Pack has four fantastic apps where Grandma and Grandpa take on a whole new role as they join your child on all kinds of playful learning adventures in a warm fuzzy classroom or the glorious outdoors. Perfect for preschoolers! READ MORE HERE
4. Sago Mini Super Bundle has ten amazing apps at a fantastic price! These award-winning apps merge wonderful artwork and kid-friendly characters to bring hours of fun playful learning. With their apps children are encouraged to use their imagination, to explore, to discover, and to get creative. 5. Toca Boca has ten different bundles of apps with four amazing apps in each group, even though they are all primarily considered for preschool, older kids adore these apps as well. Toca Boca is a much-loved and award-winning play studio that has been in the biz from the very beginning.
  • Toca Family Box
  • Toca Life: Country Bundle
  • Toca Life: Complete Bundle
  • Toca Best of 2016
  • Toca Hair Salon Box
  • Toca Top Picked Box
  • Toca Engineering Box
the art of (1) 6. Crazy/Busy Box by Edoki Academy may have only two apps in this bundle, but they are exemplary! Edoki Academy apps are the epitome of exploratory, interactive play and these two apps focus on the often overlooked concept of spatial awareness.  READ MORE HERE 
  • Busy Shapes
  • Crazy Gears
7. Night & Day Studios, Inc. has three bundles all made with loving care by a talented team that understands children's play patterns. Designing for children and supporting parents, families, and schools is a part of Night & Day Studios DNA.
  • Wee Halloween for iPad
  • BabyLit Book Box
  • Peekaboo Party
8. The Fox & Sheep Gift Collection - Kids Apps by Fox and Sheep GmbH has two different bundles with your choice of four or eight great kids apps combined into one irresistible package. Teachers With Apps wrote about Little Fox Music Box – Kids Songs – Sing along “This app not only offers songs but, a musical play space for each that features adorable, detailed illustrations, high-quality music that never misses a beat and the most delightful sound effects ever experienced in an app."
  • Pony Style Box - Dress up your horses
  • Nighty Night! - The bedtime story app
  • Nighty Night Circus - bedtime story for kids
  • Little Fox Music Box - Sing along fun for kids
  • Petting Zoo - Funny animated animal picture book
  • Little Builders - Trucks, Cranes & Digger for Kids
  • Little Farmers - Tractors and Harvesters for Kid
  • Hat Monkey - for kids to sing, play and have fun
9. The Learn to Read, Write and Count Bundle by L'Escapadou has three award-winning Montessori apps to give your child early exposure to exploratory play with reading, writing and counting skills along with a delightful experience! This developer has been around the block and knows that engaging play is an excellent foundation to develop essential skills. READ MORE HERE 10. tiggly, last but far, far from least, has a number of app bundles that come free when you purchase their incredible interactive manipulatives. The tiggly team has been on the cusp of learning since its inception and continues to push the envelope with their award winning Learning Kits that combine both tangible play and outstanding screen time for an experience like no other! READ MORE HERE
  • Learner Pack has twelve apps and all three Learner Kits included
  • Math has four apps
  • Words has four apps, including the Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen
  • Shapes has four apps
  Nsearchot a BUNDLE but a FREE preview of all 7 interactive stories from the award-winning studio of 'The Happy Dandelion!' READ MORE HERE  
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