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photo-3 MatchIconMotion Math: Match is yet another genius of a game from the fabulous team at Motion Math! Match helps kids practice, develop, and maintain their mental math skills. When we heard the title we thought this might be another game for the younger set, not at all. Basically, this game could work for a young elementary school student and continuing working right through high school and beyond. Motion Math: Match is one of the most engaging games ever. Having three levels of difficulty, and the ability to combine tiles to make other numbers before matching, gives this app an edge over all others, as far as challenges go! ed7cbae23aee47639f7a5e80a2fcc115-150x150Mystery Math Town, by Artgig Studio, is a great new app that draws kids into the mystery of math. This app calls for real thinking and problem-solving ability, which often takes a backseat to learning basic math skills. Get started by adding yourself as a new player. Playing as a guest doesn’t give you the added benefit of making your own avatar, which was a huge hit with the kids. The settings page appears next, where you can choose what skills to play with. Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication are the three categories offered here. images2-150x150Math Mathews, by Kiupe, is an outstanding app for practicing multiplication facts. It offers a very engaging game that is sure to grip your student’s attention. The graphics are superb, the music is exciting (and can be turned off) and the outcome will be a multiplication master! There are no in-app purchases, which is a big, PLUS in my book.  It’s a fast paced game so it’s great that there is a practice area to fine-tune your skills. What’s different about this math app is there is a reading component that tells the story of Captain Mathews, a pirate turned octopus.  icon512-150x150Mathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division, by TicTapTech is a fun and fabulous way for children to learn math facts. What child doesn’t like firefighters? In this app, math facts are easy to learn in the play or training mode. The game can be customized in a great way, in each operation of math. A child can work on just one operation, up to all four of them. They can also work on just certain facts within an operation, which is great to be able to zero in on trouble spots. Math facts are covered 0-12 which makes this app appeal to a wider range of children. The younger ones can be training for fires on addition, as the older ones are fighting fires practicing division. Very handy feature: You can keep track of an infinite number of different “firefighters” on the game at a time. The developers wanted to be sure that a teacher could use it for an entire class. large-150x150Splash Math Grades 1 to 5 by StudyPad, is an awesome new app that combines the best of their suite of math apps and takes you Cross-platform. You can now access Splash Math through your desktop, tablet or phone. This app contains an Adaptive Algorithm, giving children the ability to learn at his/her own pace. They have a winning formula which is far from skill & drill, they have all of their questions aligned to the common core and they appear in a completely engaging display of question type. In each session, the app provides a set of 10 random math problems, which comprises a mix of multiple choice, Yes/No, or simple fill-in-the-blank questions. As teachers, we really like the questions asking what equation does this problem represent. This is a very welcome, and much needed, exercise to acquaint children with a better number sense. Another feature that many apps lack is an easy to access work area, Splash Math provides a work area, which can be found on all the different grade levels by pulling up on a tab located at the bottom of the screen. This work area allows kids to solve problems when they go beyond their mental math capabilities. All the apps in the Splash Math series give an option to activate the weekly email reports. iconQuickMathPlus iconQuickMath iconTimeQuick Math+Quick Math – Arithmetic & Times Tables, and Sakura Time – by Shiny Things, has taken the latest technology and run with it. The best part? Everything! Not only are they these apps quick, but there’s absolutely no down time for students. No waiting between problems for the next one to appear AND the first time we’ve experienced the incredible touch/write recognition, so well done! Kids actually write their answers right on the tablet! (We say tablet because the developer is promising Android versions to be released very soon.) Quick Math+ and Quick Math have soared to the top of our “must have” list for any student practicing the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These apps are not just for the beginner mind you, these apps also have intermediate, advanced, and extreme levels, giving them broad audience appeal! As for Sakura Time, this straightforward no nonsense app promotes the development of a concrete understanding of time through an assortment of activities and games. We can’t tell you who was more excited about finding, playing, and experiencing the first two apps, the students or us! 550010_476066385792825_737171268_nNumbytes – Math Game, by Yhanco Grey Esteban, otherwise known as Y-Tech, has got your number and every kid on the block can’t put it down.This is not a new app, but it has had a major facelift with its latest update. Teachers With Apps included it in a post touting; it’s time we took full advantage of the power of educational multi-player apps for kids! We need to be teaching cooperative learning and encouraging collaborative gameplay. Most kids thrive in this environment and with so much solo play going on; kids need to be interacting regularly. And how true it is, students LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game and we hope that there is more to come, especially for the higher grades. This math game is composed of three game plays named TRAIN, TEST, and TUG OF WAR.  Numbytes focuses on these two aspects: Speed & Accuracy. It is the mastery (not just the learning) of the subject that makes you feel confident with MATH in your everyday life. For more great math apps, check out this post: Best MATH Apps
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