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Apple has introduced three new features for iOS Developers. One is the very consumer friendly option of allowing apps to be sold in bundles! Consumers are not the only ones over the top about this, developers are as well. Below are some app bundles we highly recommend. We were in touch with a few of our favorite developers and here is what they’ve got:

imgres-4Kyle Tomson, of the well respected Mobile Education Store, has just put 10 of his wonderful speech apps into one bundle called MES Speech Therapy App Bundle. Kyle was delighted by the news from Apple, “App bundling has been the single biggest thing our customers have asked for.  Not only do they save a lot of time during the buying process, they also can save consumers a lot of money.  Since you are able to "complete your bundle", just like you can complete your album, any previous purchases are counted towards the bundle price. Rather than have bundles with just a few apps, we decided to put all of our Builder Series speech therapy apps into one bundle. Then we priced it at an over 50% discount over buying the apps individually. Depending on how many of our apps you already own, you might be able to complete your bundle and own all the apps for less than $10.  It's a great deal for consumers and for developers. We're real excited about it.”

Mobile Education Store's bundle of award winning speech therapy apps are considered the gold standard by educators, therapists and parents worldwide. Winners of 60 awards from prestigious publications such as Common Sense Media, IEAR, Technology in Education and Teachers with Apps, "The Builder Series" of speech therapy apps engage the visual, audio and tactile senses, helping children learn faster and retain what they learn with more ease.   Rainbow Sentences   Speech Journal   SentenceBuilder for iPad  StoryBuilder for iPad  PrepositionBuilder  Question Builder for iPad SentenceBuilder Teen LanguageBuilder for iPad ConversationBuilder Tense Builder 6a010534998f56970b01b7c6e28105970b-120wiElpida Voulgari, from Avokiddo, told us, "It is already obvious that the new bundle feature is favoring kids apps developers that adhere to high-quality standards. We are thrilled to see a large boost in downloads since our preschool bundle launched last week. The best part is that most downloads are made by existing customers, i.e. parents that already own some of our apps and come back for more!" The Avokiddo Preschool Bundle includes three TOP TWA PICKS! Their philosophy is that education should be more than teaching math and literacy, they believe that learning should take place in a challenging and thought-provoking environment, and a place where children learn naturally through active exploration and interaction. Their environment is focused on bringing out kids imaginations and stimulating their minds. Avokiddo truly designs their apps with love fun and affection! Avokiddo Emotions – Playful learning for kid Beck and Bo by Avokiddo

6a010534998f56970b01b8d06c8584970c-120wiSeven Academy, another spot on the developer of primary apps, has five different bundles out. This awesome team considers Jean Piaget their leader and has a group of esteemed members all contributing their expertise to build phenomenal apps! Piaget’s work focuses on the idea that children construct their own knowledge in response to their experiences. Their apps will nourish that spark in the beginning learner, and do it in a 21st century way.  The four bundles include Family Favorites, Playing With Numbers, Play and Learn in French and Award Winning Games. This last bundle is a must have for preschoolers and includes: Count up to 10: Learn Numbers with Montessori Tic Toc Time: Break down the day to learn how to tell time Busy Shapes

icon75x75A Family Stargazing bundle has been put together by the much touted Vito Technology. Their app bundle is now available with three groundbreaking stargazing tools in one bundle. These are the same incredible developers that designed the award-winning Star Walk app. Their series of prestigious educational apps are used by and educators and children around the globe. The bundle includes:

Star Walk™ Kids - Astronomy for Children Star Walk™ 2 - Guide to the Sky Day and Night Sky Live - Stargazing Forecast

  All of their apps are truly educational, gorgeous and based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy and these apps are great for both home or school!

images-4We want to highlight some of the other brilliant developers that also have Kids Bundles that may be under Education or iBooks. Nosy Crow has their wonderful book apps bundled under the following titles: Nosy Crow Rounds, Nosy Crow Super Bundle, and Nosy Crow Fairy Tales Pack The spectacular Spinlight has three bundles: Spinlight Mega Pack, Spinlight Explorers and Spinlight Beginners. Sago Sago has two sweet bundles: Sago Mini Starter Pack Bundle and Sago Mini Amazing Eight Bundle. Artgig is now offering three bundles: Artgig Family Math Pack, Artgig Math Mysteries and Mazes, Artgig Early Learning, and Artgig Classroom Fun.

The list goes on and on… we're sure we have missed many other wonderful bundles. Please let us know about other bundles we may have left out!

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  1. […] Apple has introduced three new features for iOS Developers and one of them is the very consumer friendly option that apps can now be sold in bundles!  […]

  2. […] Apple has introduced three new features for iOS Developers and one of them is the very consumer friendly option that apps can now be sold in bundles!  […]