STILL the BEST Preschool Apps

Below you will find STILL the Best Preschool Apps  Enjoy! These tried and true apps have stood the test of time with a no-nonsense audience!



Avokiddo Emotions, by Avokiddo, is a brilliant app by the developers of the much loved and ever so popular, Beck and Bo. Avokiddo Emotions provides over-the-top fun and is an extraordinary educational tool to help kids develop their social and emotional awareness. This app never ceases to amuse and delight youngsters (and adults) while delivering FUN, FUN, FUN in an open-ended play style. This app incorporates prime activities to help children understand the cause and effect of the subtleties of facial expressions. The app’s premise is to expose young children to freely explore a wide range of feelings and understand the emotional connection with the feelings. These expressions are generated while the child interacts with three the incredibly responsive and delightful animated animal characters: giraffe, zebra, and sheep.


BinaryLabs released a award-winning app Dexteria for the preschool audience, aptly named Dexteria Jr. “Parents, Teachers, and Occupational Therapists love Dexteria, but have said that the activities are sometimes too hard for toddlers and preschoolers,” said Frank Jensen, CEO of BinaryLabs. “We designed a new app from the ground up just for the younger audience. We think it will be popular with our current customers for use in therapy, as well as with everyday moms and dads looking to ensure their child succeeds in school. This app expands our target audience significantly,” said Jensen.


Dr. Panda’s Airport, by Dr.Pands, is a wonderfully creative, exploratory play app that gives a lot of educational bang for the buck! Kids are exposed to inconspicuous numbers and letters, engaging and often tricky matching & mazes, as well as the challenge and excitement of landing the planes! Obviously this app is set in an airport and there are 10 different airport themed activities to keep kids engaged – such as air traffic control, baggage handling, passport control and security checks.

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Agnitus – Personal Learning Program introduces a wide variety of essential skills to preschoolers from recognizing colors and shapes to basic counting and sorting, matching with animals and letters and a whole lot more. It is enormously fun and extremely engaging as it helps young children form a solid foundation to build on. Best part, a report is generated each week to keep parents and teachers in the loop! SKILLS: Color Recognition, 2-D Shape Recognition, Memory & Recall and Shape Building. MATH SKILLS: Recognizing Numerals, Shape & Number Sorting, Number Counting, Sense Of Quantity and Counting up to 10.


TinyTap, Moments Into Games – Create free educational games & books for kids, by TinyTap Ltd., is a free app with endless possibilities for classroom use. With this app users can create their own ‘tap the right answer’ game using photos, text, their own drawings, etc. These can then be played on the iPad or emailed to someone else (who has the app) to play. What’s so great about it? Simple to ...


Starting Sounds, from the I Can Do Apps Company, has a nice range of five play levels.  The first is a teaching stage that displays one actual photo image of an object along with an audio button that states the name of the item.  I really liked this feature since this level is exactly where my little ones need some exposure.  Level two kicks it up a notch by asking the user to identify which of the two, vivid picture images starts with the same sound as the written target.  Once you show progress at this level, you can proceed to the next, which has you match the starting sound in the target image with one of the two choices below.  This time, you are not told the target sound as in the previous level.  All you see are picture images.  Level four mimics level three in direction, but this time, you must find the match when shown three answer choices.  The final level is a matching game that requires play with an adult present.


Sentence Maker, by Grasshopper Apps, is just terrific! This simple, yet sensational, app is powerful. We’ve had students working with Sentence Maker for some time and have seen marked improvement in their skills. One of the first things we noticed and liked was how easy this app is to navigate and customize. The developers have included all the essentials. The left to right directionality mode is perfect for reading readiness purposes and it is great to have a choice of upper or lower case letters.


Gappy’s First Words, by Spinlight Studio, is ready for all emergent readers to give it a whirl! This app, from these tried and true developers, is so engaging, visually pleasing, and inviting the students simply can’t get enough of it! Gappy is cute and cool according to students!  They love remodeling the house along the way while helping Gappy find his/her way home. Spinlight develops apps that garner smiles while learning, and they are allpacked with FUN! Gappy’s First Words covers a very important step in learning to read, CVC words are the simple three letter words that all kids start with. These are the words that follow the rules and learning the rules early on helps build a strong foundation to grow with.

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  1. […] “ Below you will find the best of the best of Toddler/Preschool apps released in 2013. Enjoy! Avokiddo Emotions, by Avokiddo, is a brilliant app by the developers of the much loved and ever so popular, Beck and Bo.”  […]

  2. Majid Moghadam

    Word Match – The Language Game: I developed this app for preschoolers learning their first words. Its a memory match game with just over 200 words in English and French, more languages coming soon. I appreciate any downloads and constructive reviews, Thanks!

    Word Match – The Language Game:

  3. […] Below you will find the best of the best of Toddler/Preschool apps released in 2013. Enjoy! Avokiddo Emotions, by Avokiddo, is a brilliant app by the developers of the much loved and ever so popular, Beck and Bo.  […]