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cute-baby-2220375_960_720   Toddlers are in the midst of a language burst and want to learn about EVERYTHING and they want to learn it NOW! According to Piaget, a leader in child psychology and cognitive development play is critical to a child's social and emotional development. Play provides opportunities for exploration, physical development, gross and fine motor skills as well as fostering creativity. Most toddlers are still in the solitary play pattern but that doesn't mean you as a parent or caregiver can't jump right in alongside them!

Here are some tried and true favorites and a few NEW apps that come highly recommended:

  statLittle Fox Music Box – Kids Songs – Sing alongthe first thing we said in our review was “WOW-O-WOW!” This app not only offers songs, but a musical “play space” for each that features adorable, detailed illustrations, high-quality music that never misses a beat and the most delightful sound effects ever experienced in an app. The animations are also top-notch and state-of-the-art, which will keep audiences engaged for hours and hours. This brilliant melodious app combines classic music and spectacular artistic and interactive components with superb execution in every facet. Never do the interactions deter from the music, they are subtle and compliment every note sung! busy-shapes-icon-mainBusy Shapes is an incredible app that allows you to witness the thought processes of your students and how it begins to change through direct experience. Based on Piaget’s research on cognitive development, this app systematically teaches kids to go beyond cause and effect play. Busy Shapes systematically teaches kids to go beyond cause and effect play.  It bridges that gap from being reactive to being proactive in relating to their environment. Kids demonstrate varied way kids to form constructs about their world and how they test and adapt their responses. Gameplay is simple, and basically, it is to match and sink a shape into its corresponding hole. download-6Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes is an exciting and very different concept from the remarkable author Rosemary Wells. Sing, dance, create and learn to celebrate the beloved preschool song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!”  This FAB app combines education and entertainment by featuring an adorable bunny singing and dancing to the song in four different languages, sporting four different attires and backdrops that coordinate with the native tongue being sung. 1024_fruits_2Moona Puzzles ‘Fruits’ learning games for toddlers by Moona Group Limited is a FUN educational play center with 33 different levels. Children love this new education format in the form of short game tasks. This app includes 5 types of games which improve photographic memory, attention, creative thinking, and logic. And, of course, your child will learn new words and concepts in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, moving on the fruit level map and winning award-surprises. The app was created in collaboration with preschool teachers and psychologists, it concentrates on the development of memory. Kids remember only things that are interesting and emotionally charged. That is why this game was designed with bright, catchy and engaging activities. unnamed-1Animal Rescue by PatrickGeorge Ltd This app is not just FUN and a great learning experience, it supports the integrity and survival of animals. Animal Rescue teaches young children the importance of humane treatment of all creatures. This app is intended for the five and under crowd and it has been designed with meticulous attention for this specific age group. One bonus feature is that this app contains no words, which not only disables any language barriers, it opens up an invitation for parents to get involved in the play. Most likely a child will have questions, what a wonderful opportunity to use this quality time to have discussions and promote curiosity as well as teachable moments. Isn’t this what we want? Parents getting involved in their child’s screentime and making the most of the gameplay.

Recommended Toddler Bundles:

  download-4The Very Hungry Caterpillar apps by Story Toys has all four apps in one great bundle, you never can get enough of Eric Carle! This is by far one of the most revered app developers that has been on the scene from the beginning and continues to produce some of the most creative, fresh, and endearing apps. Story Toys sets the bar for all other educational app developers!
  • MY VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Care for your very own Very Hungry Caterpillar! A multi-award winning app which has been the #1 Kids App all around the world.
  • THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR – SHAPES & COLORS A magical learning adventure introducing preschoolers to shapes & colors.THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR & FRIENDS – FIRST WORDS An adorable learning app for children learning their first words.
  • THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR & FRIENDS – PLAY & EXPLORE Counting, sorting, memory skills and healthy eating all feature in this wonderful learning app featuring Eric Carle’s much-loved characters.
  sago sago bundleSago Mini Super Bundle has ten amazing apps at a fantastic price! These award-winning apps merge wonderful artwork and kid-friendly characters to bring hours of fun playful learning. With their apps children are encouraged to use their imagination, to explore, to discover, and to get creative. Sago Sago studio is a springboard for inventiveness, excellence, and creativity. Every one of their apps is a winner! Features • Ten amazing apps for toddlers and preschoolers • Promotes learning, sharing, and creativity • Silly surprises and reactions • Beautiful art and animation • Recommended for children ages 2-5 • No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions!      
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