Best Tools to Optimize Education Process

Best Tools to Optimize Education Process featured image Technology continues to set the digital revolution ablaze. This also include the industry of learning, where technology is incorporated in teaching processes. It’s no brainer that the educational field continues to develop tools for learning, and within the past few years, hundreds of educational technology tools have been created. These improve the administration of academic processes, as well as give autonomy to both the teacher and student alike. They encourage collaboration, and provide an avenue to connect its users. Here are some of the best tools to optimize education process, should you wish to join the trend.


project logo One of the best tools for teaching out there is called Projeqt, which allows you to create multimedia presentations. These presentations are unique since they allow users to create dynamic slides with interactive maps, videos, online quizzes, and even content from Twitter! These tricks help make classes more fun and interactive! Class sessions with Projeqt are also made convenient since teachers can share these presentations with students, completely adapting to different devices.


Thinglink logo Creative interactive images with music, sound effects, and text has never become easier for educators with Thinglink. These files can be shared on websites and even social media pages, allowing for a dynamic learning experience. This encourages students to become curious as they explore interactive content to learn.


Edmodo logo Edmodo is one of the education tools that utilize the power of communication. This tool aims to connect teachers and students in a social network. Here, educators are free to create specific online groups where he or she can promote collaboration, provide educational materials, communicate with the student’s parents, and even evaluate performance! It’s a one-stop-tool, especially for those in the industry offering online classes. To top it all off, Edmodo boats more than 34 million users, where they get to utilize the process in a more enriching and digitally fluent environment.


TED-Ed logo TED-Ed is another tool that promotes collaboration between teachers, students, animators, and generally anyone who wish to expand knowledge and contribute good ideas! The website is open to the public, with information readily available for teachers and students. Active participation is promoted, especially as you learn not only new information, but the learning process of others. Another unique take on learning!


eduClipper logo eduClipper is one of the best online learning tools, a platform which allows teachers and students to not only participate in the learning process, but also share and explore different references and material. Here, you are able to collect information found on the internet. For example, you come across CustomEssayMeister, a website which aims to help you write essays. You can readily share this information with the members of created groups. Managing academic content online is also easier. There’s also the possibility of improving research techniques, as well as manage a digital record of a student’s achievement during the course. This is also a good tool for teachers because organizing virtual classes is also provided for by eduClipper.


Socrative logo This tool was crafted by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers, who share the same passion about education. Socrative allows teachers to actually create their own exercises and even educational games, which students can access through mobile devices. This easily makes it the best app for teachers, as it this feature makes it convenient for students, who mostly own smartphones or iPads nowadays. Socrative allows teachers to see the results of the activities and even modify lessons to make them more personalized.


cK-12 logo This educational tool is actually a website, which seeks to reduce the cost of books for the K12 market not only in the United States, but the world. To do this, cK-12 developed an open source interface which allows creation and distribution of material in the internet. These can be modified, allowing users to attach videos, audios, and other interactive media.


ClassDojo logo This tool is aims to more than just improve educational processes – it actually seeks to help mold better student behavior. Using ClassDojo, teachers are given the ability to provide their students with instant feedback. Good behavior gives them points as a reward, where a more responsive attitude to the learning process is created. The information collected is stored so that teachers can share this with parents and the administration through the internet. Education will always be an integral part in the human evolution, so the search to continuously develop its processes continue. If you’re an educator we hope that these information we’ve gathered on the best tools to optimize education process helps you and your students out. If not, these are still good tools for learning. Use them!
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