151 Leading Sites for Elementary Educators

151 Leading Sites for Elementary Educators Today’s elementary school kids grew up in the digital age, and they love computer-based activities and learn from them easily. Learning and sharing online isn’t just for students, though. There are hundreds of fantastic sites online to help elementary educators do their jobs as well. From educational videos to interactive games and even e-book publishers, classroom management advice, and teachable moments from teachers who blog, a driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites. The sites here aren’t listed in ranking order, as they all have different strengths and will meet different readers’ needs. (Updated from 2013)

General Elementary Education

Many sites on elementary education do a good job of pulling together info from every class subject or just sharing advice on how teachers can work with the education system to provide the best learning experience to their youngsters.
  1. Edutopia

    Edutopia Edutopia helps Identify trends in education and what methods are currently working. The articles present very useful information for teachers and the site provides fantastic perspective on a number of issues. –Keep Learning: Schools That Work
  2. International Reading Association

    InternationalReadingAssociation The International Reading Association helps promote literacy and their large base of content concerning reading is great for any teacher looking to get students more into reading. –Keep Learning: Reading Lists
  3. Discovery Education

    DiscoveryEducation Discovery Education is the great site from the Discovery Channel that promotes different educational initiatives and good ways teachers can change the face of learning for students. The site provides curricular resources, digital text books, along with assessment services any teacher will find useful. –Keep Learning: Teachers
  4. Mind Shift

    MindShift Mind Shift is an incredible site launched in 2010 by KQED and NPR that looks at many different aspects of education and the different ways it’s changing due to technology. –Keep Learning: Big Ideas
  5. Teaching Channel

    TeachingChannel Teaching Channel promotes stronger educational values and works with teachers to make high quality videos that engage more students and increase the effectiveness of curriculums through technology. –Keep Learning: Videos
  6. Arkive

    Arkive Arkive focuses on different educational games that empower kids to become smarter while having fun learning the information. The content primarily focuses on science, puzzles, animals, the environment, and conservation efforts. –Keep Learning: Team WILD
  7. Historypin

    Historypin HistoryPin is an exciting and current way to learn history through tours and collections that engages users “pin” to the site. The pins are arranged chronologically to create timelines that are both memorable and fun. –Keep Learning: Tours and Collections
  8. Education Word

    EducationWord Teachers need support, and peer community is one way to gain validation for your time and efforts in educating kids. EducationWorld provides that resource and it is free for you to visit, gather valuable resources, gain professional development, and network with other like-minded educators. –Keep Learning: Lessons From Our Nation’s Schools
  9. Curriki

    Curriki Curriki is an exciting community filled with volunteers, teachers, contributors, and partners who support technology blended with teaching. People can either sign up for membership or peruse over 50,000 free resources that are accessible without joining. The site offers plenty of resources and curricula ideas. –Keep Learning: About
  10. Share My Lesson

    ShareMyLesson This online resource provides teachers with middle school lesson plans, activities, games, and other tools to use in classrooms. Teachers can add new resources or use the hundreds of tools already filed and organized by grade. –Keep Learning: Share My Lesson Community

  11. Teaching A People’s History

    TeachingAPeoplesHistory This resourceful Zinn Education Project focuses on Howard Zinn’s best-selling book, “A People’s History of the United States.” Teachers can tap this site for more than 100 free history lessons organized by theme, time period, and reading level, as well as analytical tools to help students get the most from these lessons.
  12. Reading Horizons

    ReadingHorizons This tool helps teachers and their students by providing research-based strategies for teaching foundational reading skills to any beginning reader. Each workshop, which lasts four to six hours, can be saved and paused at any time, and a certificate of completion is created for the reader at the end of the workshop and can be submitted for professional development credit. –Keep Learning: Results
  13. Docs Teach

    DocsTeach Docs Teach from the National Archives Experience is an awesome site that allows teachers to create their own teaching materials featuring thousands of primary sources from the National Archives. –Keep Learning: Find Documents
  14. Librarian’s Internet Database

    LibrariansInternetDatabase The Librarian’s Internet Database is an intuitive tool that teachers can recommend to students, partially due to the high-quality resources designed specifically for kids and teens. Additionally, they have special collections and a large array of newspapers and magazines to view. –Keep Learning: Resources by Subject
  15. TeacherTech

    TeacherTech Teacher’s Tech is an app for iPhones and iPads that offer resources and news that can save you time and help to avoid headaches. This app offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the most popular and useful Web 2.0 tools for any classroom. –Keep Learning: Micro-blogging for Teachers–
  16. Teaching With Simplicity

    TeachingWithSimplicity Mandy Neal’s goal with this blog is to provide other teachers with tools to simplify the teacher’s life in the classroom. Her ideas also are great to use in the home if you have elementary-age kids…she offers everything, from crafts to ways to build character. –Keep Learning: Give Me 5 Strategy–
  17. The Concord Consortium

    TheConcordConsortium This nonprofit educational research and development organization is dedicated to making technology work for science, math, and engineering. Their site focuses on their mission, but the team also offers resources for home and school at all educational levels. –Keep Learning: Featured Elementary School Resources

    TIMESAVERSforTEACHERScom Teachers always need more time, and if time isn’t available, then they need more help. Timesavers for Teachers provides that help through tools such as worksheets, classroom activities, class management ideas, and other resources that can save time and avoids headaches. –Keep Learning: The Substitute Teacher Kit
  19. Smart Classroom Management

    SmartClassroomManagment Smart Classroom Management provides simple, yet effective, tips and strategies for managing any classroom. Michael Linsin, the site author, has written several authoritative books on classroom management, including “Dream Class: How to Transform Any Group of Students into the Class You’ve Always Wanted.” –Keep Learning: About Dream Class–
  20. Learning in Bliss

    LearninginBliss Marcia is a teacher who loves technology, and she uses it to enable exciting learning situations in upper elementary classes. She shares resources, links, “how-to” articles, and ideas that can make your teaching experiences fun, too. –Keep Learning: Goin on a Blog Hunt
  21. Fact Monster

    FactMonster Fact Monster is a great site from “Information Please” that breaks information down into different subjects, presenting it in a way that is meant to engage children and be the most beneficial. –Keep Learning: World
  22. Grammar Ninja Game

    GrammarNinjaGame Greg Lieberman studies computer sciences and makes games for elementary-age children to help them learn. The Grammar Ninja is one of those games, a tool that teaches grammar and sentence structure in a fun and kid-friendly environment. –Keep Learning: Portfolio
  23. Lesson Plans Page

    LessonPlansPage HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page makes life easier for teachers by providing over 4,000 relevant lesson plans created by teachers. This site also offers a format for teacher networking, as lesson plans are shared, discussed, and modified to fit various grade levels or age groups. –Keep Learning: News & Tips for Teachers
  24. GrammarBook.com

    GrammarBookcom The late Jane Strauss encouraged proper English usage through her book, “The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.” This site and its accompanying newsletter continue her work in a fun, easy-to-use environment for both teachers and students. –Keep Learning: Word nerds: Verbal custodians trapped in a time warp
  25. Digital History

    DigitalHistory Digital History is all about learning history in a digital format. The site contains historical timelines, interviews, primary sources, and multimedia stories. Teachers also can find classroom handouts, lesson plans, quizzes, history topics — all defined by historical eras. –Keep Learning: Lesson Plans
  26. RubiStar

    RubiStar RubiStar helps teachers quickly and effectively create rubrics for different projects. The site has teachers fill in a form and expedites the process. –Keep Learning: Reading
  27. Free Printables for Teachers

    FreePrintablesforTeachers Free Printables for Teachers provides a wealth of different materials for teachers to use, ranging from math worksheets to simple stories and much more. –Keep Learning: Nursery Tales
  28. Fun For First

    FunForFirst Fun for First is a blog written by a group of individuals focused on providing ideas and activities for the youngest school kids. The ideas are easy to implement, and you’ll never run out of projects to use in your classroom. –Keep Learning: Whole Brain Rules Freebie and Giveaway Winner!
  29. Education Station

    EducationStation Education Station is a great site for parents to search through many different educational resources, allowing their children to catch up, if behind, or also accelerate their learning if they're ahead in their school’s curriculum. –Keep Learning: Mathematics
  30. Laura Candler

    LauraCandler Laura Candler’s Teaching Resources provides hundreds of different printable ideas for activities and useful school work sheets designed to stimulate children and engage them further. –Keep Learning: Strategies
  31. Cool Cat Teacher Blog

    CoolCatTeacherBlog Cool Cat Teacher Blog follows Vicki Davis, a teacher, an author that is heavily involved in improving the education process. Her blog also has a very engaging podcast that is great for teachers to get insightful information. –Keep Learning: Books
  32. Teaching Ideas

    TeachingIdeas Teaching Ideas stresses how instead of throwing information at students to simply memorize, the focus should be on fostering an environment conducive to learning ideas. The site’s content is great for teachers looking to reconfigure their content. –Keep Learning: Maths
  33. SmartBrief Education

    SmartBriefEducation SmartBrief Education outlines the most important information pertaining to education and uses a concise and informative method to quickly relay the news. –Keep Learning: Academic Specialization
  34. Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas

    LittleGiraffesTeachingIdeas Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas is a fun site with great tools for teachers, such as monthly themes, ABC Activities, Book Ideas, and much, much more. –Keep Learning: Centers
  35. The Teacher’s Corner

    TheTeachersCorner The Teachers Corner is great because of its wealth of teacher resources, lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and more. In addition to seasonal items and useful collaboration tools, the side has a great message board for engaging with other teachers. –Keep Learning: Teacher Resources
  36. Reading and Writing Project

    ReadingandWritingProject The Reading and Writing Project helps promote the core values associated with young people becoming avid and skilled readers through a lifelong love for books. The project instills integral values in students and has fantastic events throughout each year. –Keep Learning: Professional Development
  37. C-Span Classroom

    CSpanClassroom C-Span Classroom is a source of educational materials for social studies teachers, which encourages them to promote current events in the classroom to better their own curriculums. –Keep Learning: Teacher Opportunities

  38. Learning A-Z

    LearningAZ Learning A-Z ranks books by their grade level and provides different educational tools to promote better reading skills. The site helps students through their in-depth activities pertaining to books. –Keep Learning: Books
  39. FamilyEducation

    FamilyEducation Family Education – School and Learning is a good tool for letting parents contribute to the educational trajectory of their children. The site is dense with useful links for guiding children all the way through college. This is a great source for teachers to pass along to parents. –Keep Learning: Learning Differences
  40. Strategies in Teaching

    StrategiesinTeaching Strategies in Teaching outlines all the best ways teachers can collaborate and help each other improve at what they do. The posts all frame different problems in the education system in interesting and engaging manners. –Keep Learning: Teaching with Math Tasks: Systems of Equations
  41. Lesson Planet

    LessonPlanet Lesson Planet is a search engine designed for teachers to educate themselves on different subjects and create effective learning objectives for students in the process. While they cover many different subjects, the material is incredibly in-depth. –Keep Learning: Math
  42. Go Social Studies Go

    GoSocialStudiesGo Go Social Studies Go is a great side that presents educating in a fun, informative way. The site’s useful links also propel it to deserving significant attention. –Keep Learning: Cool Links
  43. K-12 Internet Resource Center

    K12InternetResourceCenter K-12 Internet Resource Center is great for teachers in any grade to find good supplementary tools for just about anything they would need. The site provides great advice on computers and the internet as well. –Keep Learning: Professional Development–
  44. Education.com

    Educationcom Education.com is a well-recognized site in the education community, largely due to its wide-ranging content and ability to install large amounts of change into the education system. Their in-depth sections on various activities, worksheets, and workbooks are just a few of the areas they touch on. –Keep Learning: Workbooks
  45. TVOKids: Spelling Bee Game

    TVOKidsSpellingBeeGame TVOKids is an interactive spelling bee game that helps kids up to the age of 11 further refine their spelling skills. The site’s colorful, inviting layout makes learning a fun experience for any child. –Keep Learning: Ages 6-11
  46. SmartyGames

    SmartyGames SmartyGames is a useful site that provides really great educational games for children to refine their skill sets in a number of areas. The site’s colorful layout is particularly engaging as well. –Keep Learning: Math
  47. Book Adventure

    BookAdventure Book Adventure is a great site for promoting reading in children and maintaining that interest as they grow older. The site has useful sections for anyone who uses the site, from kids to teachers, to parents. –Keep Learning: Teachers Lounge
  48. School Express

    SchoolExpress School Express helps teachers manage content in classrooms and features over 17,000 worksheets for them to use, increasing the effectiveness of lesson plans. –Keep Learning: Make Worksheets
  49. The Annenberg Foundation

    TheAnnenbergFoundation The Annenberg Foundation is a comprehensive teaching resource, contributing to professional development across the curriculum. The site has a great video series and also tips for improving lesson plans. –Keep Learning: Interactive
  50. Busy Teacher

      imgres-4 BusyTeacher.org is a part of Elegant E-Learning, Inc., a seven-year old company with a proven track record of revolutionizing and providing free online resources for English teachers and instructors. Busy Teacher’s is for K-6 teachers and understands their busy schedule. The site provides themes, strategies, and even printable resources to help teachers stay on top of the constant stream of work coming through. –Keep Learning: Get Students Engaged in a Discussion –
  51. 4th Grade Frolics

    4thGradeFrolics 4th Grade Frolics is a useful site that helps 4th-grade teachers with the particular challenges people confront when working with that specific age group. The author uses the site to paint a picture of what it’s like in her classroom and the content is great for helping other teachers understand what’s currently working in education. –Keep Learning: My ClassroomBeginning
  1. Van Meter Library Voice

    VanMeterLibraryVoice Shannon McClintock Miller is not your stereotype librarian. She is an award-winning advocate for learning who loves the noisy enthusiasm. Her website includes a blog, publications, library resources, and ideas that can turn your classroom into a creative collaboration for learning fun. –Keep Learning: Lets All Connect For Dot Day and Make Our Mark On The World!
  2. Education Nation

    EducationNation Education Nation from NBC News provides some of the most up-to-date information pertaining to the current state of education and the ways we can all work together. –Keep Learning: Events
  3. TeachThought

    TeachThought TeachThought provides a platform for teachers to learn using 21st-century technology and bending it to explore new learning models such as blended learning or project-based learning. The goal is an open-source model of teaching and learning that can benefit anyone who wants to grasp knowledge. –Keep Learning: Mobile Learning Trends–
  4. Teaching is ElementaryTeachingisElementaryNancy enrolled in an Assistive Technology graduate program and then began to blog about how she used this newfound knowledge in her classroom. Her fourth-grade students seem to benefit and any reader can benefit, too, from tips, ideas, and methods that Nancy shares on her site.–Keep Learning: Helping Kids Cope with Terrorism
  5. 3rd Grade Thoughts

    3rdGradeThoughts Stephanie is a third-grade teacher who shares her teaching insights on her blog, along with tools that other teachers can use in their classrooms. Feel free to share your thoughts with her, but beware…she might turn you into a Pinterest addict, all in the name of her love for teaching. –Keep Learning: Whole Brain Teaching
  6. Mr. Nussbaum

    MrNussbaum Greg Nussbaum teaches sixth-grade Advanced Academic students in Virginia. Nussbuam believes that technology can help enhance a learning environment, especially with games that reinforce skills as well as provide challenges. His site is built upon this belief, as he shares his ideas and resources for a number of classroom topics. –Keep Learning: Mr. Nussbaum Premium FEATURES
  7. Mrs. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

    MrsCassidysClassroomBlog Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog is a classroom of students at a school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada. Each student has a blog of their own and then the entire classroom has a blog as well. –Keep Learning: Reader’s Theatre
  8. The Polka-Dotted Teacher

    ThePolkaDottedTeacher Jessica Carlton shows her enthusiasm for teaching through this colorful site and its contents. She offers award-winning ideas on how to have fun in the classroom while teaching a variety of topics, as well as ways to teach kids how to appreciate the world around them. –Keep Learning: Teachers/Nurses Appreciation Week Gifts
  9. The Teaching Thief

    TheTeachingThief The Teaching Thief is run by a teacher who has taught for 6 years and primarily has focused on 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. The blog posts great books for children in the midst of elementary school and is a fantastic resource for those wanting more comprehensive insight into teaching. –Keep Learning: Fiction Friday 2013
  10. Teacher Created Resources

    TeacherCreatedResources Teacher Created Resources is a great site to check out as a teacher who is looking for additional calendar tools and wants to increase their effectiveness as an educator. Additionally, it will save significant time designing smaller items and allow focus to remain on creating an engaging curriculum. –Keep Learning: Geography
  11. The Book Monsters

    TheBookMonsters The Book Monsters is a blog that looks at different children’s books and provides reviews and great information on what to look for. Additionally, it provides great advice for those looking to recommend new books to students. –Keep Learning: Author Archive
  12. Think * Share * Teach

    ThinkShareTeach Think * Share * Teach follows a 4th-grade teacher as she gives the first-hand experience to teaching her students and useful tidbits she’s picking up along the way. Her commitment to education radiates in her posts and is great for elementary educators looking to connect. –Keep Learning: My Classroom Website–
  13. Reading with Mrs. Bast

    ReadingwithMrsBast Reading with Mrs. Bast aims to engage students by encouraging them to become lifelong readers and continuously focus on promoting reading initiatives. –Keep Learning: Reading Apps
  14. Adventures in 6th grade

    Adventuresin6thgrade Adventures in 6th Grade is a blog written by a teacher and for other teachers. She highlights different activities she’s working with her students on and the joys of being a teacher. –Keep Learning: My Classroom
  15. The Idea Back Pack

    TheIdeaBackPack The Idea Back Pack is an educational blog that helps teachers have the resources and fundamentals to effectively impact students and further their impact. The site provides useful advice and even organizational ideas. –Keep Learning: Organization Ideas
  16. Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

    PencilsBooksandDirtyLooks Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks is a fun, colorful blog that gives teachers great tips for the classroom, including great design advice. –Keep Learning: Monday Made It
  17. Primary Inspired

    PrimaryInspired Primary Inspired is run by a 1st-2nd Grade Teacher and loves watching students develop and foster stronger relationships. Her blog looks at useful educational tips and conveys the best information possible. –Keep Learning: Flip Flop Swap – Addition to 20 Pack

Interactive Tools & Games

Educational games and interactive activities are wildly popular with elementary school kids, and teachers with computer-equipped classrooms should be sure to make use of the great games and activities available to them.
    1. The Dino Directory

      NaturalHistoryMuseumDinoDirectory The Dino Dictionary breaks down the differences between many different dinosaurs in this great source from the Natural History Museum. The “Kids Only” material is also a great tool for teachers to give to their students. –Keep Learning: Explore
    2. Kleinspiration

      Kleinspiration Kleinspiration is a forward thinking educational resource that aims to combine traditional learning elements with technology to promote stronger values in children. The site’s useful sections, including “work together” and “tiny tech tips” provide all the tools for teachers to jump start their teaching methods. –Keep Learning: Work Together–
    3. TeacherTube

      TeacherTube TeacherTube is an incredibly comprehensive tool for educators to develop curriculum plans, view useful videos, and get valuable advice on running a classroom. –Keep Learning: Docs
    4. TeachersWithApps

      TeachersWithApps Not all education apps are created equal, so Jayne Clare and Anne Rachel joined together to form TWA to help teachers and their students wade through these apps to find the best. Clare and Rachel also can consult with you to build an app that you might need, aligned with Common Core Standards. –Keep Learning: Best Maker Space Apps
See Full List HERE
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  1. Thank you for this list: a lot of very useful info.

  2. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]

  3. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]

  4. […] 151 Leading Sites for Elementary Educators […]

  5. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]

  6. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]

  7. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]

  8. […] A driven elementary educator can find just about anything he or she needs among these 151 leading sites.  […]