24 Blogs Letting You in on the Secrets of How to Keep Your Kids Smart this Summer

Originally posted on the blog, Summer Nanny Jobs. boyreadingMost schools in the United States take a break from regular classes for about 10 weeks during the summer months for summer vacation. This break from school is usually a welcome occurrence for kids and teachers alike and gives them a chance to recharge before the next school session. Unfortunately, many children will experience the “summer slide” during this extended break, where they lose about two months of their reading progress and up to 1/3 of what they learned in math. To help combat this, teachers have started to give out summer assignments that are designed to help kids retain what they learned. In addition, these 24 blogs are full of ideas and suggestions you can implement to help prevent the ‘summer slide’ in reading, math, and other areas. Reading Challenges Joining a summer reading club at your local library can be just the encouragement your child needs to keep up with his reading skills. Many libraries even offer prizes for completing the summer reading list or for reading a specific number of books.  These little incentives are often enough to get your child reading. These eight blog entries will provide you with more ideas to help stop the “summer slide” in reading. Math Challenges The “summer slide” doesn’t just happen in reading, it happens in math too. To help prevent a regression in math skills, encourage your child to play a variety of games that will sharpen his math skills. Homemade lemonade stands are also a great way for kids to practice their math skills, and they can practice counting money and calculating profits at the end of the day. Take a look at these eight blog posts for more math activities to do with your child this summer.
  • Preventing Summer Slide This blogger explains the phenomenon known as “summer slide” and explores how it can be prevented.
  • May Currently & Preventing Summer Slide! Print off these worksheets to have your children work on over the summer.
  • Avoid the Summer Slide! Read about this opportunity to sign up for an online summer program where lesson plans and worksheets are e-mailed to you every week.
  • Stop the “Summer Slide” with Fun Beach Activities for Kids! Activities aimed at young children are explained on this blog post.
  • Avoid the Summer Slide: 7 Fun, Brain-Stimulating Activities for Students Take a look at the ideas on this blog to prevent “summer slide.”
  • Summer Slide: Don’t Let it Happen to You! Here are some ideas for several different areas of study to keep your child sharp through the summer.
  • Preventing the “Summer Slide” in Math Skills This website will give you tips and tricks to help your child retain what he learned in math last year.
  • Summer Learning Games for Your Little Ones By using items that you can buy at the dollar store, you can make math games for the kids to practice with over the summer.
Activities Summer is a time for relaxing and having fun; your child doesn’t need to spend hours studying each day in an effort to prevent the “summer slide.” Instead, encourage your child to spend just a small portion of their day doing something educational. Tying education into the summer activities that you may already be doing with your child can make learning something that is fun. In these eight blog articles you will find activities to do with your kids this summer that will keep them from experiencing any learning loss.
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