And the Winners of the GAP APP Challenge Are:

Back in February, we posted a blog entitled:

imgres-52-e1361328394650The App Gap – Where are the Apps for Middle School?

In this post, we discussed the blatant lack of apps geared toward middle school and other populations... The app market is saturated with ABC & 123′s… These apps are being developed over and over again even though the necessity for apps for older students is so evident. We need content for the middle grades, as well as for high school and college. This post led us to look into entering the NYC GAP APP CHALLENGE with one of our affiliates. After much legal rigmarole, we were unable to enter because some members of the team did not reside in the United States. Nevertheless, it was an educational experience and we are now sharing the winners in hopes of giving these developers some press. Below are the Winners of the GAP APP CHALLENGE: BEST INSTRUCTIONAL APP:


KnowRe is an educational technology company developing innovative online adaptive learning service for mathematics. KnowRe assesses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses personalize a curriculum for each student’s focus areas and engage students through game-like features, attractive graphics, and social learning. KnowRe believes in the importance of a good education, the need for personalization in our educational system and that technology is the most effective tool to help bring about these goals. BEST INSTRUCTIONAL APP - Second Place:

medium_squareMathalicious: Real World Math for Real World Teaching

Mathalicious is a fresh way to teach math. We create lessons that help teachers teach the Common Core Standards through real-world topics, and engage their students in thinking critically about the world. For instance:
  • How long would it take to burn off a Big Mac, and what would happen if McDonald's rewrote its menu in terms of exercise? (Equations & Expressions)
  • Does Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt have an unfair height advantage, and should athletes run distances based on their heights? (Proportions)
  • How have video game consoles changed over time, and will they ever be so realistic that you could choose to live inside of them? (Exponential Growth)

Hapara - Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps

Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps organizes student work and communications in Google Apps into Dashboard views for educators and administrators. The interactivity of the dashboards saves teachers management time and increases the frequency with which teachers assess student work and communicate with their students. BEST ADMINISTRATION/ENGAGEMENT APP - Second Place:



LiveSchool is the easiest way to track and improve school culture. LiveSchool is a breakthrough app that helps schools improve culture by taking the paperwork out of behavior tracking and many other daily classroom management tasks. Teachers and administrators use laptops and tablets to enter student behavior data into a simple, user-friendly interface where they collaborate to track students together in real-time throughout the day. LiveSchool generates powerful school-wide analytics and trends for administrators, and is completely configurable; each school sets its own behavior rubric and rewards program. The application introduces financial literacy concepts to students by automating and improving the popular “behavior bucks” model for reinforcing positive behavior.

Fraction Planet xlarge


FluidMath xlarge-1


Woot Math


Chalkable xlarge-1


Algebra Touch xlarge

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