How Students are Reacting to the “NEW” Standardized Testing


The notion that passing a standardized test qualifies someone for something is completely fallacious. It’s a fallacy based on ignorance at best, and profit at worst. a. True b. False c. No comment d. Don’t rock the boat

So, how are students reacting to the "NEW" standardized testing?

Recent polls say 86% of school districts feel the tests are "strangling our public schools," and anti-testing groups argue that bubble exams have proliferated beyond reason, delivering more angst than benefits. What we are measuring is what matters least. Our children are tested to an extent that is unmatched in the history of our society.  Out of the mouths of babes, comes the brutal truth. Take a look at what some third graders from Long Island, New York had to say:
This line, "We can't talk or sing," just broke my heart.

This line, "We can't talk or sing," just broke my heart.

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....was over my stomach still hurt."


This just about sums it all up!


Remind me again, why are we testing third graders? This says it all!

                                              And please watch these excellent, thought provoking videos:

And from around the state.... Sophia, an eighth grader from upstate New York, dealt with the new Common Core-aligned standardized tests by making a parody and writing her own version of the test. She claims she doesn’t like the tests, “because teachers are always teaching to the test instead of teaching stuff that would interest us or that they are good at teaching.” Click to read Sophia's version of a New York State Assessment. Click to read Sophia's version of a New York State Assessment.                                
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