ISTE 2014 – take two

Here's what's been going on here in "Hotlanta" at the ISTE 2014 Conference

unnamedThe second session was the Little Learners Playground, showcasing some of the coolest new advances in educational technology for the four to seven year age group. Osmo, the cool new product (still in the preorder stage) was being demonstrated and all attendees got to try it out first hand. Tangible Play, the company behind this device, calls it reflective artificial intelligence technology. It consists of a base that props up the iPad and a small mirror that gets placed over the camera.  

Making the rounds on the expo floor:

photo 5Got to chat it up with Julie Brannon at the Drawp Booth. Read TWA's review of Drawp for School to see what you have been missing. It's a masterpiece of an app! Tales2Go is really growing! We caught up with William Weil and got the lowdown on what is transpiring them to forge ahead. We've been singing the praises of Tales2Go for years. Read our Tales2Go review from early 2011. photo 4Thinglink now has a teacher piece that gives educators all kinds of perks. Read TWA's review of Thinglink. This awesome app launched in 2010. We got to meet CEO Ms. Ulla Engeström today. What a thrill!     BEST NEWS YET! Lillian Stern, of Press4Kids, won the Google Pitch by a long shot and everyone in the crowd went wild! Obviously, TWA LOVES their brilliant app. Read our review of News-O-Matic.
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